Kitchen Before & After

Hey y’all! I’m so super excited to share our kitchen remodel with you today! I realized this afternoon that I have like less than 24 hours before the movers come to pack our stuff up so I ran around taking the last few pictures of things in our home! With that being said I’ll be rolling out a few posts about the completed rooms in our house. So. Without further ado, I present to you OUR KITCHEN.




Kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before & afterfarm sinkkitchen before & after

Kitchen before and after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & After

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Chairs- Amazon

Junior Chair- Amazon

Bamboo Blinds- Overstock

Faucet- Amazon

Bin Pulls- Amazon

Rug- Thrifted

Pillows- Marshalls’s, Hobby Lobby, Caitlin Wilson Textiles

White Pendant- Ikea

Brass Pendant- Urban Outfitters (old)

Marble & Brass Shelves- CB2

Marble Top Island- Amazon 

Marble Utensil Holder- World Market

Oil & Vinegar Bottles- World Market

Salt & Pepper Shakers- World Market

Gold & Glass Canisters- Target



Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III, Farmhouse Sink.

Hey y’all, so I’m back with another episode of our kitchen renovation adventures. This kitchen Reno has so many “parts” and “phases” but we are definitely getting there. This is part 3 of the over all makeover and it’s all about our kitchen sink!

Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III

I am all about those farmhouse sinks y’all! There was no question that we would have one in our kitchen by the time the renovation was complete – it was a goal. I was so delighted when I found our beautiful sink in the as-is at IKEA over a year ago! It was marked down to $168.00 which to me was the best part since we were prepared to shell out for the full price of $312 for the Domsjo sink. Even at full price that sink is deeply discounted from farm house sinks at Lowes and Home Depot.

After a year of waiting around we were finally ready to install our little beauty!

Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III

It was really actually a simple process to install the sink, although it may have taken us more time just because our cabinetry is solid wood custom to our kitchen- but not built by a “cabinet guy”, so as I mentioned before, there are some quirks. Alex was able to use our jigsaw to cut down the sides and back of our sink cabinet.

Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III

The sink cabinet was just a little Too shallow for the farm house sink as well so we added extra trim to beef up that particular cabinet. You can see more of that here!

Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III

Our faucet was the steal of the century at $79 from eBay. We wanted a heavy duty, pretty, aged brass faucet that looks expensive and that’s exactly what we got. This is a Whitehause Vintage III and it retails for a cool $669. These are definitely purchases to check eBay for. Lots of times contractors who order the wrong supplies or too many supplies will put them up for grabs on eBay auctions, brand new never out of the package and you can certainly put these items to use for much less money.

Budget Kitchen Makeover Part III

I’m happy with our sink, it’s huge and lovely and it adds so much prettiness to our kitchen! Do you love farmhouse sinks? Do you have one of your own? Let me hear about it!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover, Part II: Updating Drawer Fronts

Cabinet Makeover, PartII

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to share a little about how our kitchen makeover is going, I’ve finished adding the trim and pulls to the bins and drawers in our kitchen.

Displaying IMG_1469.JPG

I added 2″ kraft board trim around each drawer and then used Durham’s water putty to fill any cracks and holes from previous drawer pulls. I then sanded the drawers thoroughly with fine grit sandpaper and primed with Zinsser‘s water based primer.

Cabinet Makeover Part II

I then used my Homeright Max Fine Finish paint sprayer and Valspar’s enamel in high gloss white to paint the drawer fronts.

Cabinet makeover, part II

The bin pulls are the perfect shade of brass for me, they are pretty and reflective but they are aged enough that they appear heavy and expensive. These are Martha Stewart brand.

Cabinet Makeover, Part II

We’re loving the way these bins turned out and I can’t wait to get our cabinet doors finished! The trim has really added some character and elevated the look of these flat front cabinets. These cabinets are made out of solid wood which is why we have opted to dress them up instead of replace them.

What do you think? Would you go through the work of saving solid wood cabinets?


Butcher Block Countertops, Part II

A few weeks ago I shared part I of my countertop makeover. Today I want to share part II (which is super short) of the makeover and detail the seam in my butcher block specifically.


I’ve seen many tutorials explaining how people have chosen to  join two slabs of butcher block. Some decide to do a diagonal seam, which looks beautiful! We have a LOT of surface area that we needed to cover and it would be more conservative for us to do a straight seam and butt one end of butcher block slab against the side of the other.

Butcher Block Countertops, Part II

Once our butcher block was sanded, cut to size, glued and bolted down I used Elmer’s ProBond wood filler to fill the seam. I waited until the wood filler was dry and I sanded down the seam area.

Butcher Block Countertops,  Part II

I then stained and sealed the butcher block slab. I think it turned out great, I couldn’t be happier with the way our countertops turned out. We’ve had the countertops in for a few weeks now and they still look fantastic, we haven’t had any problems with scratches, dents or water issues.

Butcher Block Countertops, Part II

I can’t wait to show you guys more of our kitchen makeover as it is coming along wonderfully!  Stay Tuned 🙂

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover, Part I: Beefing Up Bland Base Cabinets

Oh my WORD  y’all! This post is coming to you at the end of a very long week! I feel like we’ve been juggling 5 projects at once! Because of our current state I’ve considered writing a post entitled “Living in a construction zone: How to survive DIY projects” but we don’t even do that very well- if someone has any tips for me, that’d be great!

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I


If you follow me on Instagram ( I hope you do!) you get to see fun little snippets that I share of my projects in progress. This week I dove headlong into the kitchen cabinet makeover we’ve been planning for our kitchen since the day we moved in! We are so so so excited about how our cabinets are turning out, it’s AMAZING! Stick around and I’ll catch you up to speed on everything that has happened so far!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover, part I

I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to our budget friendly kitchen makeover and the above photo is one of the many inspiration pins you would find there. I love the shaker style cabinets and the cabinet feet, and I knew these two elements could be easily replicated with our own cabinets.



From these two photos you can tell that our cabinets are just really flat and boring, even the paint is basically flat paint so they really don’t clean up very well either. the one thing our cabinets have going for them is that they are solid wood- so they can stand up to a beating, which is great with kiddos.



Fast forward to this week after we took the old countertop off and realized that most of the front facing trim along the top would need to be replaced. There was a slide-out cutting board between/above the two drawers which is so desperately 90’s and the two drawers on either side of the sink would need to be shortened and made into faux drawers in order to accommodate our farmhouse sinks expansive size.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I


Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I

Once I put the new trim in place I used this amazing stuff called Durham’s Water Putty to fill any cracks and holes. I cannot rave about this putty enough! it is basically bondo and dries super super hard but sands very smooth, easily and has a great finish after it’s sanded down. I totally recommend this for any wood project.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I


Next I primed, painted and put down contact paper/shelf liner in the bottom of the cabinets. I used a foam brush and roller to paint the cabinets. Primer is Zinsser’s water based primer . I researched and agonized over what paint to use for our cabinets. I wanted something super glossy and pretty that would look like lacquer and wipe clean really easily. I ended up going with a product I’ve used on console tables and dressers in the past. Valspar’s latex enamel in gloss white (the link is to satin, I don”t think gloss is available online). Also, just a note at this point I primed and painted the inside of the cabinets but I only primed the outside as I planned to add some extra moulding at the bottom.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I


Once the sink was in place and totally hooked up I realized I would need to add additional trim to the cabinet face to bump the cabinet around the sink out enough to meet the back of the apron front. The previous owner had built the cabinets himself and so they have some certain quirks about them, like that they are about 1.5″ shallower than standard base cabinets. We eliminated a majority of these quirks just by replacing some of the wood facing and adding extra moulding around the sink cabinet seemed like a great idea anyway because it makes the farmhouse sink look like a feature. Like this dreamy sink, cabinet combo right here!

Once I added the moulding around the sink cabinet I cut out all the “feet” for my cabinets and attached them

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I

Once again I used the Durham’s water putty to fill the holes, lines and cracks in the wood and then sanded them smooth.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I


After sanding and wiping the cabinets down with a tack cloth to remove dust I primed and painted the outside faces of the cabinets as well as their “feet”.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I



I’m so incredibly impressed and excited about the way the cabinet bases have turned out! The feet were such a quick and easy detail to add. You can see in my IG picture that I just traced them from a template I made out of cardstock and I cut them with my jigsaw out of cheap white wood 1×4.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Part I

Kitchen Cabinet makeover Part I

Our cabinets are really looking quite custom these days! Our cabinet hardware just arrived today and I’ve begun adding moulding, paint and hardware to our drawers and cabinets, I can’t wait to share! Come back soon for part II of our kitchen cabinet makeover!