Living Room Progress

Hey you guys! A few weeks ago I introduced my ideas for a little “spruce up” of our living room here. And this afternoon I wanted to share where we are in the process.

Living Room Progress

I made a little announcement on IG last Sunday that I had FINALLY gotten around to making my pillow covers! I’ve only had the fabric laying around since christmas. I’m thinking that I need to do a FB Live video on my “lazy girl pillow covers” . When I say lazy it is super L-A-Z-Y but it works and they turn out fabulous. EVERY TIME. I also ordered my coral greek key inspired pillow covers and they arrived yesterday. Got to love that 2 day shipping!

Living Room Progress

This coffee table was a sweet little DIY project involving an Ikea table and some gold spray paint. I really love the idea but I can’t take all the credit I originally stole the idea from The Hunted Interior. her ideas are AMAZING!

Living Room Progress

I’m loving the over all neutral look with the pops of color. The room totally says “spring” to me.

Living Room Progress

Don’t you love this darling toy box?? I do. It may be my favorite thing in the whole room. It was a disgusting pleather ottoman/coffee table thing in it’s former life. *Alert* I’m about to get snooty up in here* I do not do pleather. I will not do pleather. I do not care for fake leather furniture, over stuffed pleather anything…..sorry, NOT SORRY. End of story. 

However, when you find a piece of ugly furniture on The Craigslist and you know that it can be made into something cute with some fabric and a staple gun, you can bet I’m going to buy that disgusting piece of furniture and make it pretty. That’s just how I get down. So of course I went with the buffalo check and added some furniture feet I had from a previous project and VOILA! Toy storage for my babies, and can I just say that it is awesome to have hide-able toy storage in the living room? 

Living Room Progress

I also added two grey lamps behind the couch. I’m thinking that I want to put an iridescent glaze on them to give them a little sparkle but I need to find just the right kind of glaze and that may take me a while.

I need to create my little Amazon list so that you guys can have my sources for a lot of the accessories that I’ve chosen. I’ll try to add that soon, I also think I’m going to do a little post over the weekend about the toy box makeover or at least share a before picture. Thanks for stopping by you guys! It’s actually been really fun showing off the progress of this room instead of waiting until it is all put together to share. Little by little I’m getting over that protectionist anxiety. Do you ever worry about how things look “in-process” or am I the only one? 

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Living Room Makeover Ideas and (re)Painting Our Piano

Hey Friends! Our living room has been going through some color pallet transitions as of late and I just wanted to pop in and share our journey from deep jewel tones to bright spring colors!

Our living room color pallet has revolved around some very specific pillows for a few years now. I love the colors and the style but a girl needs a change now and again amIright?! I whipped up this cute little design board as a summary of the style and colors that we’ve had going on for a while.


Cute right?! The “specific pillows” I had mentioned before are the colorful Chiang Mai Dragon print seen on the design board as well as the bold leopard print. You can see that we had painted our piano a bold blue which was amazing in the space-Here is the link to that post. Having white couches allows me to do incredibly bold things with furniture and pillows, I love it!

Here is a little snapshot from Christmas before last.


And a beautiful view of our amazing $30 piano all made over with some bright blue chalk paint.

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

While I love the bright bold colors and constantly received compliments on how amazing it all looked together I wanted to spruce up the area with some new pillows and accessories that are a little more neutral. We will be putting our home on the market in the late spring and I’m feeling lucky with a slightly less in-your-face color scheme ūüėČ

Of course I have another adorable little design board to show you!

photo (1)

The great thing about this makeover is that my walls are staying exactly the same. Neutral walls are a blessing! My couches are staying white and my curtains will be the same- white with black pompom trim. Although I will be switching out the curtain rods for these super chic brass rods from Crate & Barrel. If you follow me on the Instagram you will notice that I already received that beautiful rug! It’s Safavieh available on Overstock and It’s wonderfully soft and the colors are subtle but amazing!

You’ll notice that I have three pillow options on the board, one of each for each couch is what I’m thinking. I’l be making the black and white gingham pillows with fabric from Ikea, which is apparently only available in red and beige now. The floral pillows and coral pillows are both Caitlin Wilson Textiles. I love her products! You may have heard her name from me before, when I revealed our breakfast nook -my pink and blue pillows are from CWT.

And remember, I said I painted our piano? Well here it is people!


I love it in grey! And such a pretty creamy grey at that! can I tell you a secret? It’s that same grey as my walls! It’s Woodlawn Colonial Grey from Valspar, incase you were wondering. The brass lamp was a Target buy, it’s a good little lamp.

And here is what is going down over on the mantle.


Oh look! The artwork from my design board. Which you can find here on Etsy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sweet little look into our new color pallet for our living room because I’m totally loving it! Thanks for stopping by friends!

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Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

Hey y’all, I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, we’ve been so busy working on all kinds of projects around here! I just wanted to share a few pretty pictures of our new(old) piano that I made over for our living room.

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

I’ve always wanted a piano, something about them seems so “homey”. We never had one growing up so maybe that’s the fascination…. but I could seriously listen to piano music ALL DAY LONG. I was lucky enough to snag this piano on our local b/s/t page for a whopping $30, a friend of ours tuned it for us and it now sounds beautiful. As you can see, it did not look quite so beautiful…

Chalk Paint Piano Makeover

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napoleonic Blue and my Annie Sloan Dark wax to refinish our piano.

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

I’m so excited about the results of¬†my little piano makeover. It’s such a bright pop of color in our living room and is just such a fun, happy element.


DIY Pom Pom Curtains

DIY Pom Pom curtains

Hey guys, today I’m going to be sharing about the pom pom curtains I have hanging in my living room. These curtains are so chic to me and they go with anything since they are black and white. You could really customize them with any colors you wanted and they would be perfect for any space. I just love how they pop against my grey walls and they let in so much light.

DIY Pom pom curtains

I first started admiring these beautiful curtains when I spied a few on pinterest.


This picture from the Dapper Bun was my initial inspiration. I did decide that it would be much cheaper for me to “make” the white curtains myself instead of buying them and adding the pompom trim.

To Make- to make the curtains I only needed a few materials.

Curtain material- I used the cheapest white muslin fabric from Hobby lobby, it costs $2.99 per yard and with a 40% off coupon that is a steal. I have 9 curtains in all so the muslin fabric was definitely more cost effective for me.

Pom Pom trim- From Hobby Lobby, also available online.

Glue gun, hot glue


The first step is to cut your fabric to the lengths you need (the fabric will already be the appropriate width).

Then the fun part! Gluing on the pom pom trim. Don’t worry about the raw top and bottom edges of the fabric, I found that the glue and trim finishes the edge nicely and prevents fraying. Continue gluing the trim around the entire curtain panel.

Diy Pom Pom curtains

I always tell people that they would be shocked to find out about all the hot glued things in my house. Thats just how I roll. These curtains have held up exceptionally well to some crazy toddler abuse. I haven’t had to fix anything or re-attach any trim, so I will definitely vouch for the hot gluing method.

Diy Pom Pom Curtains

I use curtain rings to hang up my panels and they look great.

DIY Pom Pom curtain

I’m really pleased with the way my pom pom curtains look and how affordable they are.

How do you feel about pom pom curtains? Do you love how fun they are or are they a little too whimsical for you? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.




How I Maintain White Sofas

How I Maintain White Sofas

You could say that I’m a fan of the white sofa….. we have three. If I’m being particular I would tell you that this house is particularly fond of the IKEA Ektorp series of white sofas but if I’m being real- this girl don’t discriminate, give me ALL the white sofas. Something about a white sofa says chic, comfy and clean to me. I do understand however, that the cleanliness of a white sofa is what can lead so many to doubt the magic of a white sofa.

How I Maintain White Sofas

The question I am most often asked by friends, acquaintances, and random strangers in the grocery store who find out that we have three white sofas is…. “Don’t they get dirty”? To which I always reply “Why, yes they do”. The beauty of my IKEA sofas is that they are entirely slipcovered which means that I can wash them. Today I wanted to share with you how I maintain my IKEA sofas and why I love having white couches after 4+ years.

How I Maintain White Sofas

The first full sized Ektorp couch that we brought into our home was actually a hand-me-down from my parents. They gave it to us when we got married and if I counted correctly and remembered what year they bought the couch I’m pretty sure she’s going on 12 years old! It’s a great couch and the beauty of it is really in the slipcover, for a whopping $45 I can buy a new white slipcover at IKEA and have a brand new looking couch. We purchased our Ektorp loveseat in the fall and it was actually something we bought brand new- this should come as a shock, this honestly never happens. We just recently bought another full size Ektorp sofa and we scored this new guy on Craigslist for a seal at $80. This one has a little more character as the previous owners decided to discard the back cushions and replace them with 5 large down euro shams. It gives this couch a different look and that was totally fine with us. This sofa resides in our tv room and Grayson has a ball on movie nights hiding under the giant pillows with Scout (the dog).

How I Maintain White Sofas

It seems like with three white sofas there might be a lot of upkeep but honestly it’s way easier than you’d imagine. Let me tell you my favorite ways to keep my slipcovers white and bright!

1. Wash Me please!?

I wash my slipcovers about once every two weeks. I honestly don’t know what people do without slipcovered furniture. Before we bought our last full sized sofa we had a microfiber sofa in our tv room and it got to the point where it freaked me out a little bit to sit there. I need launderable surfaces people! If two weeks is too long for you and you feel like your slipcovers get really dirty really fast wash those puppies! A “duh” moment I had once was that just because one cushion is stained or dirty or my kid put a muddy foot on it doesn’t mean I have to wash the whole cover, I can unzip that one cushion and wash it up. Just remember, like any other textile product the longer a foreign substance sits on the fibers the more set in the particles will become and you may have a permanent stain. Stain stick is your best friend, so is an “oxy” prefixed laundry booster. STAY FAR FAR FAR away from bleach. There is nothing more devestating¬†than a white slipcover turned yellow by bleach.

How I maintain White Sofas

2. Break out the clothes line!

I would never recommend anyone dry their slipcover in the dryer, you may have some shrinkage issues if you do. Also, take full advantage of line drying your slipcover in full sun. You would not believe the stains I’ve seen completely sun bleached out of a slipcover. Not to gross anyone out but the most recent sofa we purchased- the craigslist find was NA-STY. As in it was probably never washed, ever. So It got a thorough washing with an extra scoop of oxy-clean and then I line dried that baby for two days and it’s practically stain free. There are some very light slightly less white areas but it looks pretty much brand new.

3. Flip those cushions!

This is usually the tip that people laugh at but I’m so totally serious about it. ¬†I have a 3 year old and a dog, we get the occasional dirt or stain. The great thing about all these cushions is that they can be flipped over. So in between washes I have an “everyday side” and a “company is coming side”, the everyday side is the side that may have a stain or the side that is just looking a little bit dingy. We leave the everyday side facing up/out on a daily basis and if we have friends coming over we just flip the cushions over and when they leave the cushions get flipped back. That’s how we maintain at least one really bright, white side in between washes.

4. Would you like a throw?

I make a habit out of keeping low maintenance throws around. I usually keep one draped across the back of the couch in Scouts favorite perching spot from where she mercilessly barks at all the neighborhood kids. I also will put one under Grayson when he’s on the couch playing or watching a movie. We don’t eat on our furniture, G will sometimes have crackers and cheese or fruit but as long as he’s on a blanket it’s all good.

How I Maintain White Sofas

Whooooo I feel like I had a ton to say about my sofas, I never knew I was so passionate about them! I hope that wasn’t too terribly much to read and I hope if you are considering making a white slipcovered sofa a part of your home this post has given you a few tips for future reference.

Do any of you guys have an IKEA couch? What color/pattern do you have?  Do you love it or would you trade it in? I want to hear from you!