Tradewinds Living Room Inspiration

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share my plans for our living room, with you guys! We are really loving our new home and we cannot be happier with the vaulted ceilings in our open living space but it does pose some decor challenges. Sometimes a large open space can feel empty rather than spacious and this is the biggest obstacle that we will be tackling in our living room, breakfast nook & kitchen area. 

Above is the mood board I put together to show you what look we are going for in our kitchen but it applies to our whole downstairs really. All of our living spaces downstairs are connected and open so I’ve chosen a few colors ( Navy, black and white) that will move throughout the house and create a cohesive look. Below you can see the before of our kitchen and the inspiration for our kitchen decor.

I’m really interested in keeping our furniture very neutral….white, grey, leather, wood tones and adding pops of color through accessories. Below you’ll see the textile guide that I use when I’m outlining pillows and throw ideas for couches and chairs. It’s nice to have an idea of what kind of textiles to use, even if you can’t find or don’t have the budget to use the exact textiles in the guide.

I’ve chosen most of our pillows, I actually just have two more in mind that I need to find but I’m loving the progress we are making. The coffee table is just a “for now” piece. I’m going to be DIY-ing a dupe of a high end large round wood coffee table for our space. Below is the coffee table that I will be DIY-ing, it is available at One Kings Lane but is unfortunately out of my budget right now.

I think it will fill our space much better than what we are currently using and I’m just in love with the wood planks. 

The wall behind our pretty map is the major challenge of this room. Our map fills up so much space but still manages to get lost on this huge wall. The plan is to shiplap halfway up the wall and paint our shiplap white. This will add texture without being overly busy and will break up the space a bit. We’d also like to change the mantle, something slightly modern made of raw wood would be ideal. 

Soon I’ll be sharing my lighting choices for this room on my Facebook page so be sure to check in there and like my page if you don’t already! You can also follow me on Pinterest and check out all of my boards that have “Tradewinds” in the title, these are all boards that are inspiration for our current home 🙂

Thank you for checking out what has been going on with our living room and all of our fun plans! I can’t wait to show you how everything is turning out!

XOXO Holly



Spring Carrot Door Hanger

Spring is upon us! I’m so excited for the sunshine, warm weather, flowers and all the happiness that spring brings with it. I’m also excited for Easter and spring time decorating and I’ve decided to get a little jump on my Easter decor by adding a spring carrot door hanger (our very first door hanger at our new house!) to the front of our new home! It was super easy to make and I know you’ll want to know how I whipped it up, so scroll down and I’ll give you all the details!

Here is what you will need…

  • Scissors
  • 4 Tulip “bushes” in orange. I bought mine at Michael’s
  • Wire Cutters
  • Green burlap ribbon
  • Greens I also bought these at Michael’s in their “Gardeners Market” section. They look like carrot tops to me 🙂
  • Wire.
  • Command strip and hook for hanging.

You should have 4 tulip bushes, you want to remove the flowers ( with stems attached) from the bush from ONLY one tulip bush.

Then you should have a nice pile of tulips on stems. You will then want to take three of these tulips aside and using the wire, create a bundle like this…

Notice how the bundle is like a triangle, one tulip is in the middle/underneath the top two and sticks out further. This will be the point of our carrot. Once you create your bundle you will need to take the end of the burlap ribbon, leaving the other end attached to the spool ( do not cut) and wire the bundle of tulips to the end of the ribbon. See below.

Next we are going to start adding some gradual bulk to our carrot by adding 3 tulips to the bundle.

Once again you want to continue the triangular shape placing the new tulip on top of the previous bundle and a little further up the burlap ribbon. Secure them to the ribbon with wire. Next we will make a jump in bulk by adding six tulips! You will add 4 first and wire them to the ribbon just as you did the previous three, leaving two unwired.

The two unwired tulips you want to bend out toward the sides making a more dramatic triangle shape, you’ll want to wire them a little further up the ribbon than the bundle of four, giving them room to flare out to the side.


Next you will begin adding the remaining three bushes to the carrot but first you will want to remove all of the leaves from the bushes, while leaving the stems and flowers intact. See below.

Before you add the first intact bush to the carrot you will want to flatten and fan the stems out just slightly.

Lay the fanned bush on top of the tulip bundles attached to the ribbon and position it so that the tulips will continue the carrot shape. The stems are wired which makes it easy to fan the tulips out after you get them bundled if you aren’y especially happy with the shape.

When you wire this bush onto the ribbon, wire a little further down the ribbon giving the stems ample room to flare out, making the carrot a little more shapely. 

Then just on the few center most tulips, wire them just above the tulip heads make sure they will stay put so you don’t end up with a carrot with a bald spot.

Next you add in the second Intact tulip bush. This bush you will want to flatten and fan out ALOT. I suggest moving the longer stems so the they are the ones fanning out to the side while keeping the shorter stems in the middle.

Add this bush to the bundles in the same way you added the others.

Wire the bundle down with the outer most stems left out of the bundle.

Add the last remaining tulip bush in the same fashion.

Next we are going to bundle up the stems.

Wrap wire up and down the stems of the bushes, wrapping the ribbon up on the sides as you wire.

Next you will want to cut the greens for the top of the carrot. Using wire cutters remove the stems from the handle.

Next, wire the stems together.

Now you can wire the stems  to the top of the carrot.

After the top of the carrot is wired in place you will want to flip the carrot face down so that you can create the loop by which the carrot will hang.

The back on the carrot will look like this. Fold the ribbon back toward the carrot creating a loop and cut the ribbon where the stems of the tulips and the greens meet.

Wire the ribbon so that the loop stays intact.

Flip the carrot back over so that it is facing up and center it on a large piece of burlap ribbon.

Tie a cute little bow hiding the wiring where the carrot and greens meet.

I like to leave long tails on my bows and cute a little triangle out of the ends for interest.

Hang your carrot door hanger using a command hook and voila! welcome the spring and Easter in style.



Eclectic Light Fixtures

Establishing a style in a home can be so easy with the right kind of light fixture. For the most part the lighting in our home is wonderful and “up to date” but there are a few statement light fixtures that aren’t really jiving with our style. They are just a little too generic for the look we are going for. I put together a little collage of my favorite eclectic light fixtures that do a good job of blending traditional and modern, masculine and feminine. Take a look, maybe one would be right for your space 🙂

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Rental Friendly Feature Wall

Hi Guys, I’m back tonight to share a special little corner of our home. As you know, we are in a rental…for only 6 months (!) and I want to make it super pretty and fun and bold but I don’t want to spend tons of $$$. I’m also super super limited by the rules of renting. I wanted to add a fun little feature wall in our living room to break up all the beigeyness. 

Rental Friendly feature wall

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Rental Dining Room & One Room Challenge

It is October 5th and that means it’s time for the fall One Room Challenge. This is actually the first year I’m getting in on the whole Challenge (5 weeks) and I’m super excited to play along with everyone.

This year I’m going to be making over the dining room of our rental home. This means a couple of very defining guidelines for me…
1. No paint

2. No wallpaper

3. No changing out fixtures or flooring

I have to say, I’m slightly intimidated by those constraints. I’m struggling over the fact that I can’t use paint or wallpaper with fun patterns but I have big plans for this space and I’m having some fun. The constraints are actually forcing me to use my creative thinking skills so let me show you what I’m working with…

Here is an image I generated of the dining area’s layout.


Not a bad space all in all. Sizable, with wood flooring and a small strip of tile by the back french doors. The walls and trim are a cream color. Here are some before pictures that I took…enjoy them in all their “we just moved in” glory.



Okay, first. Don’t judge me. lol. I took these pictures right as we moved the last full boxes out of the dining room. I’m terrible at capturing “before pictures” but this time I was bound and determined to get them! 

The most important thing you can gather from our messy before photos is that we have a relatively large white box to work with.

So, let me give you a little inspiration…


As you can see in my inspiration board above I’m choosing to make my very neutral palette work for me. I’m going to define my white walls with faux black picture moulding, add pops of color in the accessories and mix traditional elements with some funky and modern things. 

I’ve already started pulling the room together, I wasn’t planning on showing you anything more in this post, but I just can’t wait! I’ve completed the faux picture frame moulding and it is looking fabulous! 


I have the faux moulding on the three dining room walls and it looks amazing! It has really added a lot of height to the room. look for more sneak peeks on Instagram (lovethetompkins) as that is where I will be doling out the details in between blog posts! 

Until next time! xoxo

Kitchen Before & After

Hey y’all! I’m so super excited to share our kitchen remodel with you today! I realized this afternoon that I have like less than 24 hours before the movers come to pack our stuff up so I ran around taking the last few pictures of things in our home! With that being said I’ll be rolling out a few posts about the completed rooms in our house. So. Without further ado, I present to you OUR KITCHEN.




Kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before & afterfarm sinkkitchen before & after

Kitchen before and after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & after

Kitchen before & After

Kitchen before & afterbn4bn2

BN7 BN6 (1)   bn1 


*Disclaimer: This posts contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a commission on any merchandise sold through the links listed in this post. However I did not receive any free product for writing this post; all thoughts and opinions listed here are my own.

Chairs- Amazon

Junior Chair- Amazon

Bamboo Blinds- Overstock

Faucet- Amazon

Bin Pulls- Amazon

Rug- Thrifted

Pillows- Marshalls’s, Hobby Lobby, Caitlin Wilson Textiles

White Pendant- Ikea

Brass Pendant- Urban Outfitters (old)

Marble & Brass Shelves- CB2

Marble Top Island- Amazon 

Marble Utensil Holder- World Market

Oil & Vinegar Bottles- World Market

Salt & Pepper Shakers- World Market

Gold & Glass Canisters- Target



Main Floor Bathroom Remodel

You GUUUUUYS! It’s finally here- the reveal of our main floor bathroom! It’s just awesome. This bathroom is EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. We did so much demo which I let Alex rock for us since I was extremely pregnant for the front half of this reno. We found some great hidden gems- like access to a closet walled over behind a huge obtrusive cabinet. This bathroom turned out classic and girly and lovely (keep in mind that we live in an unapologetically feminine house and I have a sweet husband who couldn’t care less how girly it is a.k.a I got a keeper). Enjoy 






 imageimageimageimageimageimageimage    image 


*Disclaimer: This posts contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a commission on any merchandise sold through the links listed in this post. However I did not receive any free product for writing this post; all thoughts and opinions listed here are my own.

Sink Faucet – Amazon

Clawfoot Tub Hardware- Amazon (chrome version)

Shower Curtain- Amazon

Soap Dispenser- Amazon

Vanity- Lowes

Sconces- Lowes

Toilet Paper Holder- CB2

Towel Bar- CB2

Master Bedroom & Bath Before & After

*Disclaimer: This posts contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a commission on any merchandise sold through the links listed in this post. However I did not receive any free product for writing this post; all thoughts and opinions listed here are my own.

Hey y’all! I’m FINALLY putting together the before and after list of our WHOLE. HOUSE. I’m including links to all of our neat-o accessories and posts on how we completed projects. Thanks for joining in on this madness- I hope you enjoy our master bedroom and bathroom tour!


HT20 HT17HT19 Renovating a Tiny En Suite 


bedroom slide

master bedroom before and after

master bedroom before and after

master bedroom before and after

En Suite Makeover Decor

En Suite Makeover Decor

En Suite Decor Makeover


Bedding- Anthropologie (Similar Here)

Throw- Marshall’s (Similar Here)

Velvet Pillows- Marshall’s ( Similar Here)

Task Lamps- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here)

Jute Rug- World Market

Flokati Rug- Bought from a friend ( Similar Here)

Bed- Ikea via Amazon

Dressers- Thrifted

Side Table- Thrifted

Barn Door Hardware- (Amazon: Rail, Door hanger, Brackets)

Faux Sheep Skin- Ikea via Amazon

Shower Curtain- World Market (Similar Here and Here)

Wood Cabinet- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here and Here)

Mirror- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here)

En Suite Decor Makeover

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing…. But really, it was good Monday all around here today. Our home is officially “on the market” and we had two families come and browse our humble abode today- exciting times! I’ve been holding on to this post for a while now but I’m finally ready to share the sweet little accessory makeover in our tiny en suite.
This little bathroom had two phases of updating. If you’ve been hanging around Love The Tompkins long you may remember my previous en suite post where we saw the bathroom go from this….

En Suite Decor Makeover

To this…..

Tiny En-Suite Renovation

I loved it, the black and white accessories, the gold and black accents it was great. However when I began decorating our bedroom I was not feeling the same vibe and that made our bathroom feel a little disjointed. Our room has a much more rustic glam look and I wanted that to carry over into our bathroom. So, I got creative and gave our sink cabinet a total makeover…


I added a new mirror and great accessories. Here is what our bathroom looks like now.

En Suite Makeover Decor

En Suite Makeover Decor

Wow. This tiny room is amazing. I love how everything just works in there. It definitely has the boho chic/rustic glam vibe I was after. We even added an antique door on sliding barn door hardware. Our room and bathroom did not have a door before, it is kind of a loft style.

En Suite Decor Makeover

This bathroom is as large as it can get, it sits between an exterior wall and a wall that it shares with the stairwell. the key to making this room work for us was a low profile sink and cabinet, pretty white reflective tile and a large mirror.

En Suite Makeover Decor

We found an antique door a few months back. I stained, painted and distressed this puppy and we used barn door hardware to hang it.

We are SUPER in love with this room and how the new decor turned out. Thank you for stopping by, I would love for you to sign up for my email list and never miss a post!

Here are all my sources for decor items!

**Disclaimer: This lists contains affiliate links, which means I am paid a commission on any merchandise sold through the links listed in this post. However I did not receive any free product for writing this post; all thoughts and opinions listed here are my own.

Barn Door Hardware– Amazon

Shower Curtain- World Market discontinued, Similar Here

Wooden Cabinet– Hobby Lobby

Plant– Target

Mirror- Hobby Lobby in store only

Sheepskin– Ikea



My Quick Tips For Wallpaper

My Tips For Wallpaper

It is a well-known fact that I love wallpaper. In fact I think it may be one of the things that makes it onto my tombstone one day. I know some people “just can’t” when it comes to pretty patterned sticky paper but I can. And I will. I do have a few wallpaper tricks up my sleeve that have lead my wallpapering adventures to success and I’d like to share them with you.

  1. Neutrals NEVER go out of style. You can put a pattern on your wall and still stay classic by choosing a neutral color palette. You will find that this will be especially true in children’s rooms and large spaces.
  2. Use for texture. Sometimes there isn’t any specific pattern you are after, you room just needs a little depth. Consider the good ole fashion standby – grasscloth. Grasscloth allows you to achieve depth and texture without added pattern. Grasscloth is available in almost every color and is great to use in bathrooms, for feature walls and in the back of built-in bookshelves.
  3. Spray bottles are your friend. When using pre-pasted wallpaper instead of dunking the wallpaper into a sink full of water use a spray bottle of water to wet the wallpaper.

I hope you can file away these quick little tips for your next wallpapering adventure! Happy Monday everybody!