Boy Room Reveal {Grayson’s English Prep Bedroom}

I’ve been mentioning in the past few posts that Grayson has moved into his “big boy” room and I’m finally revealing his room today!

Here are the before pictures…      bbroom8 bbroom9

Nice and cave like right?




Grayson’s room is small so my first instinct was to make the most of the available space by using creative storage and bringing in texture and pattern without overwhelming the space.

I painted the ceiling a bright white and carried over the Allen + Roth grasscloth wallpaper I used in the stairwell and the play hallway. I painted the trim Valspar’s Polar White in semi-gloss. I also tiled the exterior wall with terra-cotta tiles to add subtle interest, I also painted this wall with Polar White. I decided to make Grayson’s door into a dutch door (we didn’t hang the top half of the door) we love that it acts as a perfect and WAY cuter baby gate.



The top shelf of Grayson’s built-in features his Great Grandpa’s vintage radio and wooden toy car my sweet friend Emily gave Grayson for his first birthday. The hunt scene prints are PERFECT, they were a thrift store find- Thanks to Miss D’Anne! I love silhouettes and this one of Grayson is just adorable.


I constructed a built-in to house Grayson’s toys and hung picture ledges painted in Polar White to display Grayson’s collection of bed time stories.

I was adamant that Grayson have a big comfy man chair. I found this one at a thrift store, the lady at the thrift store told me it had belonged to a doctor in the area and his wife was making him get rid of it after 20 years, apparently she was buying him a new one and I was happy to take this one off their hands. I found an authentic tartan Scottish blanket scarf on ebay and it serves as a great throw. The brown corduroy pillow is Ralph Lauren, I picked it up at Marshall’s for $5 and the hunting party themed pillow was an Etsy find.


The dresser in Grayson’s room was mine when I was little, I painted it up and changed the pulls. I love that the dresser has a built in closet, it gives us the option to hang clothes up even though Grayson’s room lacks a closet. I made the curtains myself from fabric I picked up at IKEA.  The chair is a vintage chair from around 1920 found in a children’s sunday school room. I love the vintage paint so I coated the entire chair in a clear polycrylic to seal in any harmful chemicals. The brass duck head bookends were a cheap thrift store find. The jute rug is from World Market, I waited for a 50% off rug sale and snagged the rug for $30.


Grayson’s toddler bed was a really fun project for me. I bought a standard toddler bed like this one here at a kids consignment sale. I discarded the headboard and footboard ( the legs were attached to the head/footboard so I bought new ones at lowes) made a plank headboard by attaching four 1×6’s and used a jigsaw to cut out the shape of the headboard. I sanded, stained and sealed the legs, base and headboard of the bed. I chalk painted the rails red and used stain to antique them.

Grayson’s bedding is Ralph Lauren, from their college collection. It’s older but here’s a similar version. I cut the comforter down to modify it for Grayson’s bed. I made the chevron pillow to add some color. I made the round framed monogram from a cheap faux wood thrift store frame and scrap fabric. I used gel stain, white paint and dark wax to make the frame look like pickled wood.

Thank you for dropping by and taking a peak at my sweet boy’s new room!

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Reading Nook & Guest Bed { Play Room Sneak Peek}

A few weeks ago I shared my plan to take on our multi-purpose office, play and guest room here. I have another piece to our playroom puzzle to share with you today!


To me the most difficult part of the whole room re-do was making a space to have a guest bed while not losing any floor space. This room fortunately was blessed with two large closets, when the room was Grayson’s nursery I had turned the closet into a little hideaway with toy storage for him. I measured the closet and it turns out the closet was just big enough to house a twin mattress. I built a platform/bench in the closet the exact same way I built the bench in our kitchen.

playroombed2 playroombed3

I brightened up the inside of the closet with a fresh coat of paint. The walls and ceiling are Valspar’s Comet Dust and the green accent wall is Valspar’s Lavish Lime.playroombed3 The curtains are Ikea Nordis. I sewed a colorful fabric panel around the sides of a white twin sheet to create a neat pop of color bench seat cover.


I painted and mounted three picture ledges to hold all of Grayson’s fun books. The picture ledges can be found here. The closet is slightly longer than the mattress, I constructed a box at the end of the closet which helps the mattress stay in place. Because of the box the book ledges do not hang over the mattress.


I whipped up a few pillows from coordinating fabric I had on hand and placed Grayson’s happy little fox in the reading nook and TA-DA!!! Comfy little reading nook, perfect for my boy.

I’m looking into mounting a wall scone on the green wall.



I’m loving both of these white wall sconces from IKEA! They are both small low profile lights, I think they’ll be perfect for reading lights.  What do you think?!


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Reclaimed Space { Play Area Upstairs}

If our house has a theme it is “reclaiming usable space”. It seems to me that a trend with older homes is that there is often space that is unusual or just needs a bit of work to serve as functional living space and our home is no exception. Here’s the story on how we turned an unusable upstairs space into a great play area for Grayson.

It’s pretty obvious that the lighting alone made this area unusable. It was just really dark and scary up there.


And the whole giant air duct coming up out of the floor was just pretty impractical. The floor had a square cut and it was obvious that there was once a floor vent there(where the duct is). The previous owners want the air to direct strictly into the master bedroom so they constructed this odd tree trunk of ducting and then attached flexible ducts that attached to the ceiling and went through the doorway and emptied into the master bedroom. I know it’s hard to picture from my description so just use this picture as a reference and know that it was 10x worse.


The first thing I knew I needed to tackle was the lighting. I picked up a track light system at lowes, The brushed nickel selection was on a pretty deep discount for about $30 so I snapped it up spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and hung it up.


You can already see the huge difference that the lighting makes……you can also see the huge disgusting mess I have going on……no comment.

I was also painting all the trim, bead board and ceiling in Ultra Pure White semi-gloss to brighten the space up.


Once I finished all the painting I carried over the same faux grasscloth that I used in the stairwell makeover. This really helps this whole area seem really connected to the stairwell and helps the hallway to be a cohesive part of the upstairs hall area.

I also detached the “tree trunk” duct work and laid the proper ducts to make this a floor vent once again.

I know it is hard to see in the before pictures but if you look closely you will see a weird trap door. That is a door into the attic area and that creeps me out. I’m not a fan of trap doors, small spaces and weird stuff like that-I start having baby Jessica nightmares. I decided since that little space is beyond the two bedroom doors and the ceiling starts to slope dramatically past those doors that needed to be a little space that was just for Grayson with some kind of low to the ground activity. I hung up the huge white mirror that used to reside in his play-closet before he relocated to a different room. The mirror completely covers the attic door so there is no chance of little guys wandering into the dangers of the attic.


I added a pouf  and a rug to define the space, both from Target.


Grayson LOVES hats, so I knew this little space would be perfect for him to try on all his different hats. I hung this cute bar with rubber hooks across from the pouf and it is the perfect hat/mask rack.


I didn’t want to overwhelm this space with tons of toys, after all it is still the hallway to Grayson’s room and the guest room       (temporarily our room). I chose some really simple furniture to hold the few toys and books that are kept upstairs. Large bookshelf  found here. Small book organizer, Target but no-longer available.

I also wanted a low maintenance rug to bring in some color to tie the whole space together. I found this one at Target on sale.


It was important that me that Grayson had some activities in this space even though he wouldn’t have a ton of toy storage up here. I whipped up a magnet board and chalkboard and hung them on the wall with hooks and screw eyes.

I added a few wall hangings to keep the nautical theme from the stairwell.



The canvas art came in a set of three. I hung them at intervals going down the hallway. The anchor and canvas art came from Target.


I’m pretty excited with how the space turned out, especially seeing where it came from.

We are reclaiming this house one space at a time! Have you taken back some unused space lately?


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Red, White, Blue and Nautical All Over * Grayson’s Birthday Party*

We were so excited to celebrate our sweet boy’s second birthday over the fourth of July weekend, nautical style! (……notice that I’m just now sharing any pictures, ahem). He had such a blast playing with his little friends and devouring cupcakes. This was the first occasion that Grayson has attempted to rip open wrapping paper on his own and HE LOVED IT! I just wanted to share a few pictures and a video, for your viewing pleasure…

Nautical Birthday Party

It only made sense to go for a red white and blue nautical theme because it was Independence Day weekend after all! If you know me, you know how much I love to theme everything. 

Red, White & Blue, Nautical Party Invitations

I made the invitations with inspiration from Paper Source. They featured an invitation making set that made very similar invitations to the ones I created but with a red white and blue crab theme. If you’ve never checked out Paper Source you really should, they are fabulous!

Mason Jar Party Decor

Red, White & Blue, Nautical Party Decor

I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to party decorations. Most of the time when shopping I find party supplies, wrapping paper, napkins…etc and I just imagine what kind of theme I could produce with those elements and then collect similar stuff. I found the blue and white table cloths last summer for $1.50 on clearance at target. The kraft and red whale wrapping paper I used as a runner was a Marshall’s find for $2.50. Napkins came from the Target $1 section. The red and white stripped hot dog holders were supplied by Pick Your Plum, they have great deals and they send you Laffy Taffy with your order – for the win! The anchor drink tags and napkin wraps were made by Moi, I printed them out and cut them with my Silhouette – easy as that! All the hanging poofs were made with already owned tissue paper as well as the pinwheels (with the exception of the red and white stripe pinwheels- those babies cost me 5 big ones at Target). Most other party supplies ( wooden cutlery, paper straws…) I just have. I collect them when I see them on sale so i’m always in stock.

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

We decided to go sans frosting on the cupcakes these years. We had “Sandy Beach” cupcakes (pineapple upside down cake with brown sugar on top). I whipped up the little flags and pennants on top with washi tape and paper scraps.



Sweetest little man ever, we love our Grayson Price! 

My Cute Guy.

I recently came across a really great blog link up of ladies blogging about their well-dressed kiddos and giving away some great stuff, so how could I resist to write a blog post about my baby and his style awesome-ness.


It’s been warming up here in Kansas lately, enough so that we can go out and play in a sweater and a hat a be totally comfy. I snapped a few pictures with my iphone one day while we were out playing in the sunshine.


I love dressing up my little guy! He’s so adorable and I love picking out itsy-bitsy clothes for my sweet boy and while I like to find really fashionable and great quality pieces, I don’t like spending tons of money on his clothes.


Writing this blog post has  really caused me to reflect on how much we’ve spent on Grayson’s wardrobe. I’ve never sat down and added up the running total of Grayson’s wardrobe but I will say that I can count on one hand the times I’ve paid full price for Grayson’s clothes.


I find so many great things on sale, at thrift stores and on ebay. The run-down of what Grayson is wearing in these pictures goes a little like this…

Sweater: Baby Gap (This was a Goodwill Gem @ $3.99)

Pants: H&M Baby (Brand new on ebay @ $5.00)

Hat: Cracker Barrel ($12.00 This is one of his few “full price” items)

Moccasins : Minnetonka ( I snagged these at a local thrift shop for $2.50)





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