The Perfect Upholstered Headboard!

I’ve been on the hunt for a cute tufted headboard for a while now. I was really looking for something in a neutral color (I have an obsession with neutrals in my room) with a little shape. Not too flat, not too curved.


I didn’t want something I would quickly tire of- I decided that nailhead trim (brass obviously) might not be the way to go incase I use the headboard in a space where gold/brass is not my metal of choice; FAT CHANCE I know! But, better safe than sorry.

Wayfair carries the Cleveland headboard and it was the perfect amount of everything for our room. Link Here! Our colorway is called “linen” and we have the headboard in Queen. 

When I bought the headboard it was on a crazy good sale! Like, $80 crazy- but I didn’t want to endorse it not knowing if it was really worth the price. It totally is! I think Wayfair has it priced between $113-$170 depending on day and time. 

This is totally not proven but……I think Wayfair’s items are sometimes priced lower in the morning. Worth it to keep an eye on things. Also remember that Wayfair has free sipping on the “big stuff”.

If you are looking for the perfect headboard, be sure to jump over to Wayfair and check out the Cleveland Headboard!


Christmas Place Settings

Hey you guys! I’m rolling out all my Christmas/New Years/Holiday ideas super early this year so you can get a jump on your holiday decorating! Today I filmed a fun FB LIVE video on creating cute christmas themed holiday place settings all with Target dollar section supplies! Be sure to check out the FB live I’ve posted below! if you don’t follow me on FB be sure to “Like” Love The Tompkins & Holly Tompkins Designs to get informed about all my future LIVEs! I’ll be filming more holiday entertaining ideas that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Rental Friendly Feature Wall

Hi Guys, I’m back tonight to share a special little corner of our home. As you know, we are in a rental…for only 6 months (!) and I want to make it super pretty and fun and bold but I don’t want to spend tons of $$$. I’m also super super limited by the rules of renting. I wanted to add a fun little feature wall in our living room to break up all the beigeyness. 

Rental Friendly feature wall

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Thoughts on Moving the Military Family

If you’ve been following my blog these past few days you might have realized that I skipped out on my every day photo and blog challenge. Well, here’s the thing….I called an audible and decided that I will give myself one “break” during the week and take Sundays off. I actually hadn’t planned to do this, but yesterday after church we spontaneously decided to meet part of my family at Kings Dominion and have a fun day in the park. I brought my camera ready to take some fun pictures of Grayson riding his first roller coasters and when I went to turn it on it read in all caps “NO SD CARD”. Reeeeeaaaaalllly. Fabulous. So I decided that Sundays would be off days for my little blog challenge. And here we are at Monday again.

Thoughts on moving the military family

I was working in Sloane’s room today, unpacking and clean and stuff because you know, when you move you are still unpacking for like 13,000 days. So I took a few shots of her furniture and accessories, little this little swan. He’s my favorite. 

White I was unpacking and setting somethings up I was thinking over what I want to share with you today. I don’t want this to sound complainy in any way but our family has been through a lot of recent change. A lot. I’m not even going to address our sweet (foster) kids that we will hopefully (eventually) get to adopt in this post- it’s just too much right now and it is for another post. But we have moved from Kansas back to Virginia. For us (me and Alex) Virginia is home, or close to home for Alex (we both went to college here, and I lived here a majority of my life). It feels comfortable but it is all new as well. For our Grayson and our Sloane it is brand new. 

We are not the type to shy away from adventure. In fact I love the excitement of the military life (with the exception of one thing…deployments) I love the idea that we can live all over this cool unique country and even in some foreign countries as well. I’m proud of my husband and the special job that he does, and maybe I’m just used to the idea of uncertainty in regards to relocation (I did that for a chunk of my childhood). The part I find hard and the part that I just can’t love is this strange transition of being relocated to a particular area for 6 months just to be relocated again.  

I’m a rather reserved person when it comes to making friends. I’m really just not that great at it honestly. I do much better when I already know someone in the group and they drag me along to things under duress; until the group realizes that I’m really not anti- social and I figure out how to talk to people I don’t know very well – until they become the people I know the best. My friends first impressions of me probably weren’t great- I’m a horrible conversationalist when I’m first getting to know someone. Some of my best friendships have included the 2 or 3 of us just sitting there silently watching Law & Order or laying by a pool. And then I have great friends who are wonderful conversationalists who have worked to draw my personality out of my brain and we were able to establish great friendships because they could look past my quieter, deer in the headlights exterior and get me talking. 

To be perfectly honest these past couple of months have been really HARD. I miss my friends. These were my everyday people. Our church people, our community group and Bible study people, our play date people and our “I just dropped by to say HI” people. These people brought us food when we had babies, they brought us food when we took on foster babies, they watched our kids when we were sick, they invited us to their homes to eat when we were total strangers (I’m talking to you here Brad and Jess! For real, we could have been serial killers). These people took care of us during a deployment, month long trainings and prayed for us when things were oh, so happy and when things were difficult. These were our people, these are our people.

They will continue to be our people, they will all find some new people to love on, as will we but they will still always be our people. We wait in this awkward block of time, in a place where everyone around us is also in transition. You can’t really put down roots and you can’t seclude yourself either. We pray for people who aren’t afraid to try to get close to the military family. Because we need community, but we know that for many people we seem like too great of an investment for the return. Things look bright, we are hopeful. I didn’t write this so you would feel sorry for us or me and my lack of social skills but rather so you can have an idea of what a military family like us thinks and feels during these strange little short term endeavors. I hope I can encourage you to reach out to families who are in a rather transient stage of life, be their people. And if you you are one of those ever mobile families, be encouraged! You are not alone.