The Best Sugar Free Recipes and Products

Hey you guys! As promised I am here today sharing my favorite sugar free and soy free recipes and favorite sugar free products. About three years ago I cut refined sugar, cane sugar syrup, corn syrup etc and soy out of my diet for the most part. I say “for the most part” because we do like to treat ourselves every now and then to nice donut or fancy drink at a restaurant and that is okay as long as I don’t go overboard with sugar. I have always struggled with my body retaining water and toxins. In high school I began to take a medication prescribed by my derm. to help with edema and acne and consequently it helped my body release the toxins that it holds on to. I got off the medication around the time I got married and have just recently began taking it again as I have not been able to control my issues with diet alone (dang hormones). 

While I was off the medication I was pregnant twice. With Grayson’s pregnancy I was very bloated and had tons of edema and acne issues from the very begining. I hurt all over and would get swollen ankles from day one of being pregnant. After my pregnancy the water weight went away rather quickly but I still had so many body aches and pains, I still had a hard time with swollen ankles and feeling groggy and dizzy in the morning time.(Sloane’s pregnancy, while being off sugar was entirely different! No bloating, no swollen ankles from the begining, no feeling tired and sluggish constantly) After Grayson’s pregnancy I did many tests at the doctor to make sure there was not a greater medical issue and was issued a “clean bill of health”. It was then I began to research the “Clean Eating Diet” and the idea of making my food work for me. I stopped eating sugar, I read every label and searched for great recipes, I experimented on recipes by using honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. Some recipes were fails and some were triumphs and I want to share these recipes with you!

Here is my little recipe round up!

1. Peanut Butter Protein Cups eating sugar free is tough without treats! Here is a link to a little mock peanut butter cup treat that is perfect for keeping in the freezer and eating when the need for something sweet arises.

2. Carrot Muffins These are amazing and simple! They are a kid pleaser and perfect with morning coffee.


3. Whole Wheat Pizza Dough This is great for family pizza night! I would make the dough in the morning and give it all day to rise! Personal pizzas are such a kid pleaser and the dough is delicious!

4. Sugar Free Ketchup Perfect for ketchup lovers out there!


Next I want to share a few of my favorite sugar free products!

1. Maple Grove Farms Pancake and Waffle mix Super light and fluffy!

2. Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grains Bread This brand makes so many variations of bread!

3. Justin’s Peanut Butter YUMMY!

4. Garden of Eatin Blue Corn Chips  These are really great with salsa and guac and I buy mine at Sam’s Club! 

All of these products are not only sugar free but also soy-free! They are super yummy and my husband and kids love them too! If you are interested in clean eating or sugar free eating but don’t know where to start feel free to message me and follow me on Pinterest I’d love to share all of my recipes and tricks I’ve learned along the way with you!.

The Best Queso Ever

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! I hope you are getting ready for all the fun, food and festivities- I know we are! I wanted to take a second this afternoon and share with you one of my favorite recipes, it’s a crowd pleaser and there are typically no leftovers, and that’s how you really know if something is yummy 😉

The Best Queso Ever

For as long as I can remember my family has been OBSESSED with cheese and a particular “cheese dip” to be exact. However in later years my tastebuds were longing for a cheese dip who’s main ingredient wasn’t one molecule away from being plastic so I was always on the hunt for a great “cheese dip” or queso recipe. Ironically enough, I don’t eat cheese anymore….except for on occasion when I make this cheese dip. Over the years the cheese obsession seemed to developed into a bit of lactose intolerance- but this queso! Oh it is worth the consequences.

The Best Queso recipe ever

Also to be noted, this stuff is not good for you! I mean, it’s not horrible- it actually involves REAL cheese. Technically for all intents and purposes I could call this “clean eating queso” but I won’t. You will need, one WHOLE stick of butter ( do not skimp- it’s not worth it! You need the calories anyway, you’re wasting away to nothing). 1/2 LB Pepper Jack cheese & 1/2 LB white american cheese, both need to be from the deli! That is super important. You need to get sliced cheese from the sweet lady behind the deli counter, prepackaged cheese will not melt correctly and you will be incredibly sad. You will also need one round of Queso Quesadilla, I usually buy the Cacique brand and love it! It is also widely available. You will also need one can of rotel ( any kind of canned chopped tomato and pepper combo). Sometimes if I’m making this leisurely I chop my own tomatos and jalapeños ( or poblanos for my mild friends) but in a rush canned is just perfect. One cup of heavy whipping cream and whole milk as needed (once again you need the calories). And cilantro as garnish, because you’re fancy.

Best queso recipe ever

You’ll start by melting your butter in a sauce pan, once it is beautifully liquified you can add in the can of tomatos and jalapeños and bring them up to temperature. I then crumble (or chop) the pepper jack and american cheeses and add them to the sauce pan. Once the cheese begins to melt you can whisk  in the cup of heavy cream. Once the cream is well incorporated crumble and mix in the queso quesadilla. Add in milk as needed while the cheese melts to achieve desired thick/thinness.

Best queso recipe ever

If you’re planning on taking this to an event or having company this keeps wonderfully in a crockpot set on “warm”- the low setting can be a bit much and burn the cheese. Seriously guys, this stuff is! I hope you whip some up for your next gathering and see for yourself!


Serves 4
The best queso dip ever! This melted cheese dip will knock your socks off and is a great crowd pleaser!
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Cook Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
  1. 1 stick of butter
  2. 1 can of Rotel
  3. 1/2 LB Pepper Jack Cheese (from the deli counter)
  4. 1/2 LB White American Cheese (from the deli counter)
  5. 1 Round of Queso Quesadilla ( I use Cacique brand)
  6. 1 Cup Heavy Cream
  7. whole milk as needed
  8. Cilantro for garnish (optional)
  1. Melt one stick of butter into a sauce pan over medium high heat. Once the butter is melted empty the can of Rotel into the sauce pan and cook for 1-2 minutes occasionally stirring. Next crumble or chop up both pepper jack and american cheeses and stir into the sauce pan. Cook for two more minutes, stirring occasionally until the cheese begins to melt. Next incorporate the heavy cream into the melting cheese mixture stirring constantly until the cheese is melted. Once the cheese is completely melted, crumble the queso quesadilla and incorporate into the sauce pan stirring constantly until the cheese is totally melted. At this point you can add in milk as needed to achieve the desired consistency.
  2. Serve with chips and enjoy!
Love The Tompkins



Clean Eating Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken *Clean Eating*

Hey y’all! It’s been so long since I’ve shared a recipe with you and I thought this favorite of ours would be so perfect! We love orange chicken. Its my super quick go-to meal that I know Alex and the kids will love and we always have the ingredients on hand. Follow along and let me share with you how easy it is to whip up our healthy comfort food favorite!

Orange Chicken *Clean Eating*

Our recipe makes three servings which is perfect for our family situation. If the kids eat with us then the two of them spilt a serving or if they have eaten and are already in bed (we like those grown ups only dinners sometimes) then Alex has a serving for lunch the next day. 

You’ll want to salt and pepper the chicken a little, be sure not to over salt as we will be adding a sauce later and things can get a little too salty. I always make sure I have whole wheat flour on hand but if you are GF you will need to use a GF flour. Also, for anyone who isn’t specifically “clean eating” or lower carb eating another great option for optimal crispy-ness is to coat the chicken in corn starch. 

Orange Chicken *Clean Eating*

Once the chicken is well coated with flour and salt and pepper it’s time to bake up in the oven.

Meanwhile you can whip up the yummy sauce! The sauce is really very simple and I bet you probably have all the ingredients on hand in your kitchen. Because our version is clean eating, there is no refined sugar. I use honey to sweeten the sauce and when the sauce is simmered on the stove it reduces quite nicely. * If you like a spicier sauce, don’t be afraid to add red pepper flakes to the sauce before you simmer it *.

Orange Chicken *Clean Eating*

When both the chicken and sauce are finished cooking mix the chicken into the sauce to coat well, garnish with green onion if desired and serve hot. My family loves this meal, I usually serve it along size sautéed veggies ( mushrooms, onions, zucchini and carrots) and my version of fried rice using quinoa. 

Orange Chicken *Clean Eating*

This is definitely a fan favorite in our household. Tray it out at your house and see if our healthy favorite is a hit with your people too and let me know!


Clean Eating Orange Chicken
Yields 3
A delicious and healthy version of orange chicken, our comfort food favorite.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 3 Chicken breasts,
  2. 1/4 Cup Whole wheat flour
  3. 1 Pinch Pepper
  4. 1 Pinch Salt
  5. 1 TBS Olive oil
  1. 2 Naval oranges,
  2. 2 TBS Olive oil
  3. 1/4 + 2 TBS Honey
  4. 1 TBS Rice wine vinegar
  5. 3 TBS Tamari
  1. Crushed Red pepper flakes
  2. Chopped green onion
  1. Preheat Oven to 425°
  2. Trim and cube 3 chicken breasts into approximately 1" cubes and transfer to bowl.
  3. Salt and pepper chicken lightly and stir,
  4. then add 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour and stir to coat evenly.
  5. Transfer chicken to parchment lined cookie sheet and drizzle with 1 TBS olive oil.
  6. Place the chicken in the oven to bake for 20 minutes.
  1. While chicken bakes cut one whole orange into slices and then cut the slices in half twice to achieve triangles and add half of them to a medium sized mixing bowl.
  2. Next add the juice of the second orange to the bowl along with the remainder of the sauce ingredients with the exception of the additional 2TBS of honey.
  3. Mix the sauce and pour into a sauté pan and heat until simmering.
  4. Simmer for 5 min and turn heat to low until sauce starts to thicken slightly.
  5. Add remaining 2TBS of honey and cook for 2 more minutes.
  6. Remove from heat.
  7. Remove orange triangle slices from sauce.
Putting it all together
  1. Once the chicken is finished baking add the chicken pieces to the sauté pan along with the remaining 1/2 of orange triangle slices and stir until chicken is well coated with sauce.
  2. Add green onion and red pepper flakes if you so desire.
  1. *20 minutes gets our chicken a little extra crispy on the outside which we like, especially when added to the sauce. If this isn't your taste feel free to remove chicken from oven whenever there is no pink in the middle.
Love The Tompkins

General Tso’s Chicken *Clean eating*

Clean Eating General Tso's Chicken

We have a matchless and indescribable love for General Tso’s Chicken in this house. In fact we are pretty much obsessed with any form of americanized asian food. Why do I say americanized? because I’m sure I’ve never had any authentic asian food but I love to get my hands on some hole in the wall chinese take-out. Especially if it’s General Tso’s! My hubby is a fan too and if I’m ever in a pinch for what to make for dinner, I can bet that any version of asian style chicken will be a big hit.

Last night we had clean eating General Tso’s, brown rice and steamed broccoli. Alex’s exact words ” uuuarrgh! This is SO good. Why do you always make the best dinners when we’re in a rush to eat?!” He had worship team practice at church and had like 5 minutes to eat dinner. Poor guy.

If you fancy a little clean eating GT in your life, try it out! I don’t think you will be disappointed 🙂

General Tso’s


– 2 Chicken breasts, trimmed and cubed

– 1 Egg

– 1 TBS Corn starch

– 1/2 TBS Almond milk (or water, or regular milk)

– 3 TBS Coconut oil


– 1 Dried chili pepper ( you can use whatever you have available, I used to buy the bag of small dried chili’s out of the mexican food section but lately I’ve been using dehydrated jalapenos from my garden.

– 1 TBS Sesame or olive oil

– 3 Cloves garlic, chopped

– 2 TBS Tamari

– 1 TBS Honey

– 1 TBS Sriracha

– 1 TSP Corn starch


– Sesame seeds (garnish)

– Green onion, chopped (garnish)




In a medium sized bowl thoroughly beat egg, then add corn starch and almond milk. Mix until well incorporated. Fold in cubed chicken. Let the chicken sit in the egg mixture for approx. 5 minutes. You can transfer the bowl to the fridge during this time. Meanwhile heat a skillet or wok over medium high heat and add the three tablespoons of coconut oil. Once the coconut oil has had a few minutes to heat drop a small test drop of the egg mixture into the skillet to test the heat. If it immediately sizzles wildly, you are set to begin (If sizzling is slow wait a bit and repeat until sizzling occurs). Add a few pieces of chicken to skillet using tongs, flip after a few minutes on each side until they are golden brown and crunchy ( don’t add too many pieces of chicken to the skillet or the oil temp will be brought down and the chicken wont get crunchy). Also, it may be helpful to cut a piece or two open just to make sure the center of the chicken is cooked ( when I was first learning to make General Tso’s I had a really tough time knowing when the chicken was “done” enough). Cook all the chicken this way, placing the pieces on a paper towel lined plate when each is finished frying to soak up any remainder of grease.

Heat a sauce pan over medium heat and add in 1 TBS of sesame oil or olive oil. When oil is heated add garlic and chili and saute until garlic is translucent-ish. Add Tamari, honey and Sriracha sauce and incorporate well. Add corn starch and stir until slightly thickened. Place the cooked chicken in the sauce pan and coat well with sauce.

Garnish if you like and serve.


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