Master Bedroom & Bath Before & After

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Hey y’all! I’m FINALLY putting together the before and after list of our WHOLE. HOUSE. I’m including links to all of our neat-o accessories and posts on how we completed projects. Thanks for joining in on this madness- I hope you enjoy our master bedroom and bathroom tour!


HT20 HT17HT19 Renovating a Tiny En Suite 


bedroom slide

master bedroom before and after

master bedroom before and after

master bedroom before and after

En Suite Makeover Decor

En Suite Makeover Decor

En Suite Decor Makeover


Bedding- Anthropologie (Similar Here)

Throw- Marshall’s (Similar Here)

Velvet Pillows- Marshall’s ( Similar Here)

Task Lamps- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here)

Jute Rug- World Market

Flokati Rug- Bought from a friend ( Similar Here)

Bed- Ikea via Amazon

Dressers- Thrifted

Side Table- Thrifted

Barn Door Hardware- (Amazon: Rail, Door hanger, Brackets)

Faux Sheep Skin- Ikea via Amazon

Shower Curtain- World Market (Similar Here and Here)

Wood Cabinet- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here and Here)

Mirror- Hobby Lobby (Similar Here)

How I Added a Faux Finish to a Laminate Sink Cabinet

How I Faux Finished a Laminate Bathroom Sink Cabinet

Happy Monday y’all! I hope your Monday went just as wonderfully as mine did- I had the naptime trifecta going on with the kids and was able to get about and hour and thirty of shut eye myself, so I’m counting this Monday a win for all involved! Just as I promised on Instagram, today I am sharing how I added a little personality to our plain jane, laminate bathroom sink cabinet that hangs out in our master en suite. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post, it really means a lot, especially days like today when my first draft (already totally completed) was deleted before I could post and I had to start all over!!!

So let’s get to it!


This is how our sink cabinet started- minus the legs. We opted to use the wall brackets to save as much room as possible in our tiny en suite.


I added some simple trim around the edges of the cabinet doors to add a bit of interest. I used a brad nailer with short brads to tack the trim in place.


Next I used DAP Alex Plus fast dry caulk to fill the holes from the brads and fill the seams in between the trim and the cabinet doors.


This next step is CRUCIAL, but if you do it painting laminate will be a breeze and you WILL get a great result. Clean your laminate furniture and then prime that bad boy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zinsser’s Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 Plus primer. I use this primer for any project I need to prime and it works wonders. I like to get at least 2 solid coats of primer on my laminate furniture before proceeding with my regular paint and I have never failed. I have never had paint chip or scratch off of a laminate piece when I have used this primer.


After the primer was completely dry I painted the entire cabinet with grey chalk paint. Any grey or white chalk paints I use are made by me- I find that these colors translate best to DIY chalk paint so all of the colors I used finishing this cabinet were my own concoctions.


Next I used a medium brown acrylic paint and detailed around the corners and some of the cabinet edges.


I then went back with a slightly different shade of grey and dry brushed it over areas where I had added the brown paint so that only small amounts of it would show through. I also brushed it on the center of the cabinet doors and sides of the cabinet to add variation in my base color.


After the grey paint was completely dry I waxed the entire cabinet with clear sealing wax but instead of rubbing off the excess and buffing the piece I immediately painted the piece with white chalk paint I had thinned with a small amount of water. I then rubbed the paint with an old rag, almost like rubbing the paint into the wet wax. After I had rubbed down the entire piece I let it dry and then applied clear wax again as a protectant this time, rubbing off excess, allowing it to dry and then buffing it in the end.


I’ve had my eye on some cute mercury glass knobs from Anthropologie¬†for a while but on a recent walk through Hobby Lobby I found this cute little pair floating around for $4.99 each, perfect fit! I think they look adorable and add just the right amount of bling to our cabinets. I’m also loving how the brass setting of the knobs pull in the gold on our light fixtures and gold framed mirror. I think I’ll be adding some additional mercury glass accessories, I just love the way they look!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my little run-down of how I painted our laminate cabinet. I hope I can inspire you to makeover something laminate in your life, it’s really much easier than it seems and with the right prep work it can totally last!