Update Your Home Exterior for Under $100

Have you ever looked at your porch and the front of your house and just thought “….wow, this is embarrassing…” Well, I sure have, sometimes it’s because every other house on the block is all decked out for the holidays and we look like the Grinch must be holed up in our house or because the front porch is strewn with leaves and the front porch decor is covered with dust and the plants are holding on for dear life. Or as was the case more recently the front of our home was just feeling totally bland. Read More

How to Build a Cedar Window Box

If you guys follow me on my facebook page HERE you may have seen or even engaged in the long conversation we have been having about the exterior of our home! We love the inside of our home, the layout is what we were looking for, the floors are great, within our price range I don’t think we could have found something better that was move-in ready (which was Alex’s stipulation this time around, he says next move I get to pick so that’s pretty exciting!) but the outside of our home is just BALH! Read More

Fix It Up Friday No. 5

Hey y’all today for fix it up Friday I’m talking about a project that is near and dear to my heart because it revolves around our home exterior. I wrote a post earlier this week (you can check it out HERE) all about the simple changes we want to make to the exterior of our home that we feel will add some pizazz to our fortress of vinyl.

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Home Exterior Inspiration


Hey you guys! Today I want to share with you a few character flaws on the outside of my home and how we plan to address those in the coming months. Character flaw number one…..it has none. Seriously. All of the houses in our neighborhood are rather similar, however I honestly can say that ours is probably the most plain-jane of any of them. The other homes tend to have cute stone accents or at least a cute color scheme and ours is….. well, the color of poop. Read More