Fix It Up Friday NO. 2

Hey y’all I’m back this week with Fix It Up Friday number 2! I was so excited this week because I found such a great gem on my local Facebook Marketplace and I think I might buy it for our guest room/my office. I’m so pumped to share with you what I think you could do with this piece and what has been inspiring me lately, so let’s get to it! 

So here is the piece I found on FB Marketplace. You actually may recognize it, it’s been all over Pinterest in the past and is still for sale through World Market .  After coming across the secondhand daybed I thought it might make the perfect addition to my office that would help it to double as a guest room, so I began looking for inspiration and deciding on a color scheme – while I’m not going to share my office plans today I did decide to use the same inspiration photos and color scheme for my design today. I came across these beautiful photos on Pinterest…


So there is this beauty from Atlanta Homes, which never disappoints. 


And then this beautifully done room from Pastel – ID. Both of these spaces are just perfect and will serve as my inspiration today. I think that this color palette as well as the daybed would be perfect for a small studio apartment or shared apartment where you are really utilizing one room for the majority of your functioning space. I put together a little design mood board so you can see all the products in one space below.

  1. So, starting with number one I chose that great warm, taupey grey that we have all heard of –Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore. This is a great grey with warm undertones, meaning that your room will feel warm and cozy rather than cold. Warm greys will look great with browns and pinks and don’t have the tendency to turn purple on your walls.
  2. Next I picked a fairly neutral rug from Rugs USA that can be found HERE it’s a natural fiber and is cream and jute. Rugs from Rugs USA are really budget friendly and a large rug like this would anchor a space really well and can even be layered over carpet if you are living with less than desirable carpeting. 
  3. For number three I chose a really sweet Rifle Paper Co. print found HERE. This would look great in a white frame hung low over a side table.
  4. There is no need to drop a whole bunch of money on a lamp, THIS lamp from Target, is the Pillowfort line and it looks great, it would look great atop a side table beside the daybed.
  5. So unfortunately I don’t have a source for this side table suggestion. These vintage brass trunks often pop up at vintage stores and estate sales but this would look amazing as a side table beside our adorable secondhand daybed.
  6. These faux antelope pillow covers are so chic and animal print is really a neutral so they are truly versatile and should be with you for the long haul. They would look amazing layered on the back of this daybed. They can be purchased HERE.
  7. One of my favorite places to find pillow covers is H&M. These are super inexpensive, under $10 to be exact – you can find the link HERE. This shade of blush looks so fabulous against the antelope print and would be so pretty in a grouping.
  8. If you are decorating a small apartment or studio daybeds are a must because they double as a couch and bed. Well, a coffee table/ottoman is just as crucial. I chose this leather pouf, they are easily moved and I think 2 of these side by side in front of the day bed would be a perfect place to put a tray and to be used as a movable coffee table in a small living/bedroom combo. You can find these exact poufs HERE.
  9. Lastly you need a good curtain. I love these curtains- we actually own them. They are heavy, they are a faux silk, lined and totally block out light. I love how pretty they are, they feel luxurious but they are also functional in blocking out light for a bedroom. You can find them HERE!

Well y’all, I hope that you enjoyed Fix It Up Friday No. 2! I hope you feel a little more inspired and don’t forget to come back next week 🙂

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