Fix It Up Friday No.4

Hey you guys! I’m back today with the 4th Fix It Up Friday and I’m super excited about this week’s design! So, what has caught my eye this week? These awesome faux burl wood cubes! I found someone selling a pair of them on my local craigslist and I think they’d make the perfect pair of little night stands!

Especially for a guest room where bedside storage isn’t as needed. These add such a great funky and modern feeling. Let me show you some inspiration I found surrounding burl wood….



I’m really really drawn to the first photo – I think because it has a very limited color palette but still feels so warm and inviting. I like that the green adds a pop of color but the rest of the color palette is a mixture of gray, creams and natural browns so you aren’t totally married to a lot of color- if you ever get tired of the green you could switch out those elements. I also love the contrast of traditional and modern in the room. 

So, jumping off of that inspiration I’ve whipped up a refreshing little mood board for you featuring these lovely burl wood cubes.

  1. As always when it comes to white paint I don’t think you can go wrong with Valspar’s Bistro White!
  2. Two side by side tufts look great at the end of the bed especially- they add a great surface without taking up a lot of visual weight like a large bench might. These can be found HERE!
  3. This is where our awesome craigslist finds come into play!
  4. How great would a collection of gradient pillows look piled up together?! I found these in THIS etsy shop.
  5. I think a collection of vintage Vogue covers would look amazing in frames especially if you can incorporate the prints that feature pops of green or whatever color pop you have chosen for your space. You can find these HERE.
  6. Just because you are choosing a neutral rug it doesn’t mean the rug has to be boring. Choose a great pattern; like this zebra striped rug HERE
  7. This gray wood canopy bed adds such height and drama but brings in another natural element to the room. You can find this bed HERE.
  8. A faux fur throw adds so much drama! I love that these come in so many colors, find them HERE.
  9. I think a little glamorous lamp is perfect in any room. White and gold is my go-to for lamps. Check this one out HERE!

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