Boho Chic EASY pillow Tutorial

Hey you guys! Today I’m sharing the EASIET little pillow tutorial ever! I bet if you’ve been on Pinterest in the last few months or peaked inside any home decor magazines you have seen a kilim pillow or rug (Pronounced kill-eem) 


SOOOO pretty right? But they also happen to be pretty pricey. Well, I happened inside the Five Below store in my area a couple of weeks ago and noticed that they have these amazing little woven rugs in all different patterns and colors right now. And the best part? They are $2.

I picked up a couple to make some darling little faux kilim pillows for a client and decided that I just had to share how to make these! 

Here is what you will need,

Woven rug – is from Five Below

Sewing machine and thread

Pillow insert or stuffing

The first thing you’ll want to do is lay out your small rug. The side that you want to be the outside of the pillow needs to face up. Next, fold one end toward the middle of the rug.

Then fold the other end toward the middle over lapping the ends by 1.5″-2″. You can stick 1-2 pins in each side if you need to hold the rug in place while you sew.

You now want to sew the two open ends (not the fringed ends that overlap).

I just used a regular straight stitch on my machine and it worked perfectly.

One you’ve sewn both ends you want to turn your pillow right side out….

Put your pillow insert or stuffing on the inside of the pillow and Voila! Seriously, the easiest pillow cover ever! They can also be styled two different ways!

You can place them “fringe out” or turn it around to show off the pattern on the back of the pillow.

Either way these pillows bring a lot of color and texture and no one is the same! Do you think you’ll make some for yourself? Let me know what you think!

xoxo Holly

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