Fix It Up Friday No.3

Hey you guys! I’m back with another Fix It Up Friday and I’m so excited to share this one with you! This week’s design is probably my favorite, I’ve even named it; I’m calling it ‘Lush Lake House.’ So cute, right? So let’s get down to it! Whilst scanning the good ole Craigslist I came across these really fabulous vintage chrome and faux leather director’s chairs.

I knew immediately that these would look fabulous in an elevated lake house cottage design so I picked up all my inspiration found below!



And this lovely space that I found via pinterest but was  not linked back to any original source. With all of those fun ideas swimming around in my head I put together this little design board.

Alrighty, I’m so excited to talk design with you! 

  1. First thing, I would do is white paneling. I would paint any existing paneling or install and paint if the room didn’t already have it. White paneling just screams chic comfort to me. I think you could do vertical or horizontal paneling, it all looks great painted out a great color. I would lean toward my go-to white which is Bistro White by Valspar.
  2. This large polished nickel lantern is the perfect statement lighting for the space. It can be found HERE.
  3. Okay, so I normally wouldn’t be so “themey” but this is a pretend lake house and a very limited number of nautical-esque tasteful photographs would carry the feel nicely without being over the top. This photograph can be purchased HERE.
  4. Our Craigslist finds! 
  5. This is a great mod accent table that would look stunning situated between the two directors chairs. It is available HERE.
  6. Behind the couch is a great place to hang some dimensional art. I think a series of framed vintage swimsuits or vintage lifejackets would add a really fun pop of color.
  7. I LOOOOOOOVE this coffee table. It brings in wood and carries metal through the composition. It can be found HERE
  8. I think any good room needs a couple of plushy chairs to add a pop of color. These bring in a comfortable sophisticated feel. The tufting is a perfect juxtaposition to the clean lines of the directors chairs. You can fin them HERE.
  9. Next we are anchoring the room with an oversized striped jute rug. Jute is the perfect neutral and the navy stripe grounds the color scheme. Available HERE .
  10. Lastly we have our couch! I love white couches, they are crisp and comfortable. The lines of this couch read ” I’m sophisticated yet, approachable.” I love the one bench seat cushion, that way no one gets stuck sitting on the crack and the option of back pillows instead of cushions lends a modern casual look. You can fin this couch HERE.

I’ve also whipped up a little furniture placement diagram for you to take a look at how I would position the chairs, etc.

Well guys, this has been so much fun talking design with you today! I hope you had just as much fun as I did, and I hope I could inspire you to see how fun finds can create inspiration for a totally chic room! let me know what fix it up projects you are working on!

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