Large Alphabet Art & Free Printables!

Hey friends! Thanks for joining me today, I have a little something special for you! I created some printable letter posters that are available for download here. I was inspired to create these when I was on the hunt for high impact, yet minimalist art for Grayson’s and Sloane’s room. If you’ve been around the blog for a while you probably have heard me talk about them sharing a room. It’s seriously the sweetest thing y’all! Grayson was adamant that he and Sloane share a room when we moved into this house which of course was no problem with us and they have loved every minute of it and we love hearing their little giggles from their room when they are going to sleep at night. 

We have spied on them countless times to see what all the giggling is about and discovered that they have an ongoing game of peek-a-boo but they make funny faces instead of just hiding and revealing their faces, so cute!!! 

I’ve been having tons of fun decorating their sweet shared space and I’ll be posting a reveal of their room soon, so be on the lookout for that! I did have quite a run for my money looking for simple art for their bedroom though. The room has a neutral very muted color palette and I wanted any wall art to be very subtle and not over stimulating as we like that our children are good sleepers and we’d like to keep it that way 😉 

I thought that it might be neat to have personalized art over their respective beds so I created posters using the first letter of each of their names, showcasing the capital and lowercase letter. I had them printed out at Office Depot (link), I had mine printed as 16×20 posters. You can upload the image at home and pick up in the store. I framed my posters with white mats in white frames which is such a great pop of white space on the kids faux shiplap statement wall. 

I have created a whole alphabet’s worth of posters for you (link here), you can download the pdf file and have any singular page printed. I’d love to see how you use your alphabet poster so be sure to leave a comment or post a picture on the Love The Tompkins facebook page!

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