Fix It Up Friday No. 5

Hey y’all today for fix it up Friday I’m talking about a project that is near and dear to my heart because it revolves around our home exterior. I wrote a post earlier this week (you can check it out HERE) all about the simple changes we want to make to the exterior of our home that we feel will add some pizazz to our fortress of vinyl.

Here I captured a shot of our home with the intended changes photoshopped ( not well) in. We plan on painting the door this weekend if the residual rain from Harvey doesn’t prevent us. I also started gathering ideas from around the interwebs and sourcing products that could lend a helping hand in cozying up our porch area, so let me show you what I got!

I found a great wicker chair on Craigslist for $5, I’m thinking that a little paint (so it doesn’t blend in to the color of our house) and a new cushion would make the empty little corner of our porch feel a bit more cozy.


She doesn’t look great right now but I bet I can spruce her up and she’ll feel like a brand new woman. Okay, now let me show you what I’m thinking for the other parts of the porch…

Right off the bat my instinct is to paint the door. In the mood board I showed a paint dot of Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore, this is my inspiration. I will actually be mixing my own custom color, I did this in my kitchen with my new cabinet color (grey) and had the best outcome, I can’t wait to show you guys!

Next, I have a little bit of a confession and it’s slightly embarrassing. We have lived in our house for over six months and we don’t have a door mat. In fact, even worse than that we have a door mat of sorts…we have a remnant of interior carpet that the builder stuck on the front porch for realtors to wipe their shoes on. So…..there’s that. ahem. Moving on. I love the layered rug look and I’m so happy to see this happening on porches! Usually in the form of a colored/patterned flat woven rug with an exterior foot wiping rug layered on top. I’ve sourced these to rugs for you, The striped flat woven rug HERE ( they also have a labor day sale going on right now with 20% off at checkout AND a coupon code for free shipping!!), The exterior rug is my favorite standby, Target! You can find the rug HERE! Target also has a coupon code for 15% off!

I think that if I’m going to have a cozy little chair on the porch I should have a cute little side table to place my coffee and I LOVE a garden stool to do this job. I actually already have a white garden stool waiting in the garage for it’s moment to take the stage, er, the porch. But I’m nice and I linked a reasonably priced garden stool for you right HERE. It is available through Amazon although it is not prime.

Now, let’s talk wicker chair colors. I think I want something similar to to the door but not the same. I think again I’ll be mixing my own color but I’ll report back on that.

We obviously need some plants on our porch and that requires planters. I really like the look of the cedar planters I’ve featured in the mood board but think I can whip something up myself. I found a great tutorial on Pinterest that I will link up. HERE for a tut from House of Wood.

Well, there it is y’all, my Fix It Up Friday for this week! I can’t wait to show you how it all turns out!

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