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Hey you guys! Today I want to share with you a few character flaws on the outside of my home and how we plan to address those in the coming months. Character flaw number one…..it has none. Seriously. All of the houses in our neighborhood are rather similar, however I honestly can say that ours is probably the most plain-jane of any of them. The other homes tend to have cute stone accents or at least a cute color scheme and ours is….. well, the color of poop. What we loved about our house was the inside. And we honestly would not have even looked at the house had we had seen the outside of it first, but the sneaky sneaky realtor used a photo of the same model of home with a different color scheme. Needless to say when I thought we were pulling up to an adorable navy and white home and we landed in front of “casa de turd” I was moderately disappointed. The inside was great though and I knew we could make a few easy changes to spruce up the outside before it’s our time to sell. This is really important to us to make a good first impression to potential buyers. The internet is full of information on why curb appeal is crucial for selling your home, HERE is an article from realtor.com that just outlines a few of these reasons.

I’ve been pulling really simple and inexpensive ways to add character to our home and I’m super excited to show you what I have in mind! So, before we go any further here is the “before” of our home.

Right after we moved in I painted the front door a deep teal to add some kind of color, it was brown before as you can imagine. I didn’t get the whole garage in the photo, but you get the idea. Here is my (poorly) photoshopped inspiration pic. 

Here is my plan….

First, I plan on painting the door Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. I was perusing color schemes and this pretty pale minty blue kept popping up and it was being used with brown and beigey colors all over the place! It’s even one of Benjamin Moore’s suggested color schemes.

Second on our list of exterior to-dos is creating some adorable cedar shutters. I think they add better visual weight around the windows than our vinyl shutters we currently have. We have also started to notice that the vinyl shutters are starting to droop and bow, our guess is the intense heat that the front of our house receives is the culprit in this mystery but regardless we need a change.

Next an adorable window box is in order. Every house just looks adorable with a window box of flowers. Shanty 2 Chic has a fantastic and easy window box tutorial you can find HERE. This is such an inexpensive way to add some curb appeal.

We will also be doing some rapping…..I mean wrapping, of the cedar variety. We have two turned columns that are like spindles on our porch and to be perfectly honest I hate them. they just look super dumb. The rest of our home has chunky moldings, especially on the exterior and these just look so out of place. We plan to wrap these columns in cedar planks to add a substantial feel to the porch. They will coordinate nicely with the cedar shutters. 

Adding an eyebrow? Yes please. Garage trellis, garage arbor, eyebrow pergola. There are lots of names for this cute and impactful little guy. It’s basically a tiny baby version of a pergola set on brackets above a garage and man does it pull it’s weight in the curb appeal department. In our Kansas home Alex and his day spent about 3 days knocking out a full sized pergola over our back deck. I know Alex and I could whip up something little this in no time! If you are interested in building your own garage pergola check out this great tutorial from This Old House HERE.

So, my last little update isn’t my first priority but “ideally” I’d like to add some faux stone veneer around the large upper window. The area around the window is like 6 inches wide at MOST so this isn’t crucial to me but I think it would just add such a cute pop of interest. 

You guys thank you so so much for stopping by and checking out our plans! I’m so excited to get started and fingers crossed we get it all done before Dec. That’s the plan. I want to enjoy this for the majority of the time we live in this house #goals. Also, stay tuned because I’m going to be coming back at you with a fun mood board of outdoor porch decor etc with great sources that I just know you will love!

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