Tradewinds Living Room Inspiration

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share my plans for our living room, with you guys! We are really loving our new home and we cannot be happier with the vaulted ceilings in our open living space but it does pose some decor challenges. Sometimes a large open space can feel empty rather than spacious and this is the biggest obstacle that we will be tackling in our living room, breakfast nook & kitchen area. 

Above is the mood board I put together to show you what look we are going for in our kitchen but it applies to our whole downstairs really. All of our living spaces downstairs are connected and open so I’ve chosen a few colors ( Navy, black and white) that will move throughout the house and create a cohesive look. Below you can see the before of our kitchen and the inspiration for our kitchen decor.

I’m really interested in keeping our furniture very neutral….white, grey, leather, wood tones and adding pops of color through accessories. Below you’ll see the textile guide that I use when I’m outlining pillows and throw ideas for couches and chairs. It’s nice to have an idea of what kind of textiles to use, even if you can’t find or don’t have the budget to use the exact textiles in the guide.

I’ve chosen most of our pillows, I actually just have two more in mind that I need to find but I’m loving the progress we are making. The coffee table is just a “for now” piece. I’m going to be DIY-ing a dupe of a high end large round wood coffee table for our space. Below is the coffee table that I will be DIY-ing, it is available at One Kings Lane but is unfortunately out of my budget right now.

I think it will fill our space much better than what we are currently using and I’m just in love with the wood planks. 

The wall behind our pretty map is the major challenge of this room. Our map fills up so much space but still manages to get lost on this huge wall. The plan is to shiplap halfway up the wall and paint our shiplap white. This will add texture without being overly busy and will break up the space a bit. We’d also like to change the mantle, something slightly modern made of raw wood would be ideal. 

Soon I’ll be sharing my lighting choices for this room on my Facebook page so be sure to check in there and like my page if you don’t already! You can also follow me on Pinterest and check out all of my boards that have “Tradewinds” in the title, these are all boards that are inspiration for our current home šŸ™‚

Thank you for checking out what has been going on with our living room and all of our fun plans! I can’t wait to show you how everything is turning out!

XOXO Holly



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