Tradewinds Powder Room // One Room Challenge Week 2

Hey y’all! Thanks for popping in for week 2 of my One Room Challenge progress! I can’t wait to share all the progress that we’ve made this week! If you hop over to my week 1 post HERE, you can see all the “before” pics, they aren’t great – just so you know. The powder room is super small and it’s in a hallway, which makes it really really hard to get a shot whee you can see all of the bathroom but I think if I use a combo of my camera and iphone we should be able to capture decent progress and after pics. Here’s a little sneaky peek of the before…

Boring, right? Well, things got interesting (in the best possible way) when we ripped the vanity out. I peeked under the built-in vanity to make sure that the floor was in fact tiled under the vanity, which it was. SCORE. So, no tiling! 

I had to pull the side splash guards off the wall, I did this as carefully as I could with a scraper and hammer and achieved minimal damage to the drywall. In the above photo the sink wasn’t attached to the wall, but I was waiting for Alex to come remove it for me. I had purchased one sheet of super thin underlayment plywood at Lowes for $13 and had a friendly Lowes employee cut it into 10″ strips for me. This made it way easier for me to just cut the strips to the length of the accent wall behind the sink. I used my pneumatic nail gun to attach the planks to the wall as far down as I could. Once Alex and I got the vanity and the sink out I planked the rest of the wall and patched any drywall damage. I had really great pictures of this step and whomp whomp, I can’t find them ANYWHERE!!! But, use your imagination 😉

I gave my walls and the plankwall a base coat of the wall color and then caulked all the nail holes and the two corners where the planks end, so that they end flush with the wall. 

After the caulk dried I gave everything another coat of paint. Below you can see a picture of the “potty nook”.

This weeks progress was really the leg work for the whole project and can therefore be really boring but it is the most crucial part of the whole project! Without a fully painted and planked room I can’t install my sink, decor or totally awesome ceiling. Stay tuned for next weeks post, we are going to be adding some BIG color! Also, be sure to head over to the ORC link up HERE and see all the awesome designs and how everyone’s rooms are coming along!


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