Day 5 Photo Challenge, Babies On The Move

Thanks for coming back on this Saturday evening to check out the progress on my photo challenge. Today we were just playing around the house and I decided that little miss Sloane would be the subject of my photography endeavor- however she had some other plans……

day 5 photo challenge

Poor sweet girl, she was totally not into it. I decided we’d shoot in her room so she could play and crawl and I could just take some nice little candid shots but she was not having it. She really is pretty easy going for the most part but she has her moments when she really just wants to be held by mommy and this was one of them. Although before playtime was over I was able to snap this little gem…

day 5 photo challenge

I’m so impressed and excited over this photo- I’m sure it’s a fluke, I’ll never be able to get another photo this good in my life but it’s so wonderfully pretty and it will probably end up in a frame somewhere.

day 5 photo challenge

Sweet girl was not feelin’ the photo sessh so we were done. I got one great photo of the day of our pretty baby and I’m stoked. Thanks for coming over to the blog and seeing all the photos I’ve been working to get everyday!

XOXO, Holly

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