Grayson’s Creek Adventure & The Libman Company Sweepstakes

Grayson and I had a fun little adventure today exploring the creek near our new neighborhood. It was an easy little trek and a fun little nature experience without even leaving home and of course there were PLENTY of puddles to jump in….Grayson’s favorite! I’ve been struggling a little with the fact that we don’t have a park in or near our neighborhood and trying to find ways to get out into nature and I think our newly found creek has solved our problems! 

I’ve heard it said that the definition of a little boy is “Noise with dirt on it.” If that is true, than is is 2x true for a Tompkins boy! Our little people always seemed to be covered in dirt……….. or paint, or glitter, or flour or sand etc, etc, but thanks to the Libman Company cleaning up after our most precious people is a whole lot easier! 

The Libman Company offers inexpensive, quality cleaning supplies conveniently at every Walmart. Be sure to check them out HERE and get a $3 off coupon for a Libman product.

I personally love the Wonder Mop! It has a microfiber mop head that clings to dirt and grime. My favorite thing about the Wonder Mop is that the mop head can be removed and washed up to 50 times before you replace it! And the Wonder Mop has a power wringer that you pull down over the mop head to wring out excess water – which means saving your hands from drying out do to over exposure to water and cleaning solution!

Not only is The Libman Company offering a great coupon that can be used at Walmart stores, as of March 1, they are holding a Pintrest Sweeptakes ! Here is how to enter, Click HERE to follow The Libman Company on Pinterest and re-pin from their sweepstakes-specific board. Create a “Spring Cleaning Toolkit” using images of The Libman Company’s products and Spring cleaning tips from the pinboard, and then enter your information on The Libman Company’s Facebook page ( LINK HERE). Invite your friends to enter as well! 5 winners will receive a “Spring Cleaning Toolkit” comprised of Libman products, and one additional winner will receive a prize package plus a $1,000 cash prize.

You guys I’m totally entering the sweepstakes, we need all the cleaning help we can get around here! 

xoxo Holly

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