How To Curate A Low Maintenance Home

We all want to have clean, clutter free homes am I right? But sometimes the very staples needed to keep our home running smoothly create the roadblocks to our organized bliss! Today I’m sharing with you my tips for pairing down your stash of linen closet staples and simplifying your life 😉 You’re welcome. 

  1. Bar Mops: These can be found HERE! I started buying bar mops to clean with about 4 years ago and never looked back. Bar mops have drastically cut down on our paper towel use and thus have reduced our carbon footprint as a family. I clean everything with these babies. They are a terry cloth material so they lightly scrub which is helpful to clean grimy surfaces without being abrasive. They are all white which means I can bleach them and hang them outside to relieve them of any stains and when they just become too soiled to keep any longer I replace them. 
  2. Towels: What a novel idea…but here is the thing. I only buy one color of towel. When Alex and I were first married I purchased white towels which were wonderful but no matter how much oxy-clean, fabric brightener or hanging in the sunshine our hard water just left all of our white towels looking dingy. I recently switched to a medium grey color for our towels and couldn’t be happier. My grey towels don’t get dingy! We also don’t run in to the mismatched towel debacles. I’m sure you have had one before, you know; company is staying over night and you can’t find more than one towel in each color for the guest bathroom- so your guests end up with a white hand towel, a grey wash cloth and a little mermaid beach towel with a hole in one corner. Buy lots of towels in one color, it will save you time and money in the long run. I use Amazon’s exclusive brand of towels and we love them! They can be found HERE.
  3. Sheets and mattress protectors are a must in every household and I will say that after having colored sheets for the first year of being married I made the decision to buy all white sheets for every bed in the house after a bleach spill incident and never look back! Our sheets have never gotten the hard water, grimy look that our towels have. They are easy to bleach if need be and they always match each other. I don’t have to worry about pulling  out a whole matching set for the guest room. Mattress protectors will just make your life easier, trust me.
  4. Lastly but most definitely not least, pillow inserts. Wether we are discussing throw pillows or bed pillows my rule is the same, buy quality. For me that means down throw pillow inserts, I purchased mine from overstock HERE They are purchased as a set of 2, and are available in multiple sizes. I have about 6-8 floating around my house and I love them. I often make my own pillow covers or purchase custom of designer fabric covers from etsy or small shops which is actually much more affordable in the long run and the pillows stay in great shape. 

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