Must Have Monday No. 18

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Happy Monday y’all! I’m back as usual sharing a few things that I love! So here is the breakdown of what I’m digging this week..

  1. I think that everyone who has a vested interest in beautiful home decor should learn to sew. You can teach yourself, watch some instructional youtube videos and pay attention to what you are doing and you can really make something beautiful for your home. I sew a majority of my own throw pillows and accessories like that. It’s much less expensive to buy good quality designer fabrics and make your own pillow covers than to purchase pre-made covers. This little beginners sewing machine is the perfect machine to start with. I purchased one like this ( that model is no longer available) while on a trip and I jokingly called it my “travel sewing machine.” I thought I’d use it mostly while on my trip and rarely break it out again BUT 9 times out of 10 this is the machine I use for all of my projects. It is available HERE.
  2. I love a good chambray shirt and I’m in the market for one right now. I have my eye on THIS one from J.Crew. It’s a great wash and is lighter than all of my blue jeans which is great because denim on denim is “back” apparently but you never want your denims to match, no bueno. I also like this one because while it does have a breast pocket (I hate breast pockets), there is only one and it lays flat and has no flaps or buttons which are just very strange to me on breast pockets especially if you already have a lot going on in that area 😉
  3. I think I have mentioned before that I have a solid method for my house to not accumulate a lot of kids dishes but if you haven’t heard, here’s the run down. Every kid has one plate, one cup, one water bottle, one bowl and one set of silverware. Everything is also color coded- each kid has their own color. This has made life a little easier to organize. I really love the OXO brand of all of these products- I actually purchase the “Big Kid” plate/silverware/bowl etc but I couldn’t find a picture of that all together (the picture is of their “tot” line). The big kid line is available HERE.
  4. Lastly I want to talk about my most favorite eyeshadow palette ever. in bloom by Tarte. If I could only have one makeup palette this would be it. The colors are great for a neutral, natural day time look and it lends itself to some shimmery night looks as well. This palette is very versatile for me, I use one of the colors to fill in my eyebrows and another I even use for blush. If you are interested in purchasing this palette for yourself it is available HERE!

Well there you have it guys, my must haves of the week! If you have a product that you are loving let me know, i’d love to try it out too! Or if you have something you want me to test out for you let me know, it might make it in my next Must Have Monday!

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