Must Have Monday NO.19

Hey y’all! You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent for the past two weeks! We’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling, blog planning and organizing (more on that later) so I gave my self a little break (gasp!). I’ve got some bit plans for the blog coming up including a new look and some really fun posts that I hope will inspire you guys! Monday is always our “day off”- off of appointments, school work etc. and I usually have my Must Have Monday post scheduled ahead of time but since we were on the road this weekend I wanted to be sure you guys got a glimpse of my must-have list even if it happened on Tuesday 😉

  1. I’m dying to have a place to work in my house! So many of the projects that I do include sawdust, sanding dust, paint etc. And  all of my projects are banished to the back porch because there is no other work space. I’d love for our garage to become that work space but I will definitely be needing a shop vac for this to take place. So, people who love me – here is a Christmas gift idea, just sayin’. You can find this one HERE.
  2. Okay, so I have gotten a few questions about my maternity pants. These are my favorite, favorite, favorite everyday maternity skinny jeans. They are the Old navy Rockstar jeans with the side panels. They are available in a full panel too but I can’t wear full panel maternity jeans, they constantly fall down and I had weird issues with the panel causing nausea- I know that’s probably the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard but the full belly panels make my stomach hurt to the point of throwing up. I don’t have issues with the side panel pants at all and they stay up and the front hits just under my belly. These jeans also keep their shape really well which I love. You can find them HERE. P.S. They are also available without the factory distressing. 
  3. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE the NYX Butter Gloss lip gloss, well I found a companion for my gloss that I love equally as much and it’s the NYX Suede Matte lip liner. I have the color Stockholm and it matches my lips perfectly which I love! Target carries 10 different colors of this particular lip liner, you can find them all HERE.
  4. I mentioned above that I’ve been organizing my life lately, and when I say my life what I mean is every little corner of my house! Seriously. I am going to write a whole post, or a series of posts all about my organizational journey- it’s been just that let me tell you but something that I absolutely love right now that I kind of thought was dumb up until 3 weeks ago were cabinet turn tables. I honestly didn’t understand that point- probably because all of the cabinet turn tables that I’ve seen “in use” look like they have unknown substances spilled on them and they are crammed in the back of a very large very dark cabinet. Well, in checking out The Home Edit and how they suggest that I utilize the turn tables I decided to give them a whirl, I didn’t have anything to lose. Let me just say, GAME CHANGER. I actually purchased mine at Publix and they were slightly cheaper there than anywhere else I had looked for them buuuuut HUZZAH! I found them at the same price on Bed Bath & Beyond- you’re welcome. HERE. I use mine in an upper cabinet beside my stove, one holds vinegars and oils and the other holds honeys and salt & pepper. Perfectly convenient for cooking.

Thanks for dropping by and seeing what I’m loving lately and the one thing I think I probably need. Like I always say if there is something you guys want me to try out let me know in a comment! I’ll get my paws on it and report back! 

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