Must Have Monday No. 20

Hey y’all welcome back for Must Have Monday No. 20! I’ve been researching for some of this weeks “Must Haves” so get excited!

  1. Let’s talk about how much I hate ironing! It’s the worst, however I like smooth clothing, I try to hang things right out of the dryer and we do have a dryer setting that keeps things from wrinkling after the dry cycle is finished but inevitably someone ends up with a wrinkly article of clothing. I started researching the best portable, handheld steamer on the market and found that the Conair ExtremeSteam GS38 got out more wrinkles than all of it’s competitors. It is available HERE and it may be the newest addition to our laundry room arsenal.
  2. Next, let’s talk fall. I love fall, it’s a lovely time of year. But here in hot and humid Tennessee diving into your fall wardrobe mid-September is a no-go. And that is why I’m loving the idea of kimonos. Kimonos are a great light weight way to wear layers in a steamy fall. They can be popped over a tank dress or worn with a tank and jeans. they can transition to cooler weather over a long sleeve fitted t-shirt and make a great maternity to non-maternity wardrobe accessory. This one is adorable and can be found HERE. And will be found in my closet some time this week, as it’s my latest purchase to date 😉
  3. I’ve been searching and searching for a great set of kitchen knives. I’ve been on the hunt for some actual chefs knives that come with a sharpener as they will get lots and lots of use. I love to cook and I want to invest in knives that I will have long term. These are looking like a great option, but I’m keeping a look out for a little longer. These can be found HERE.
  4. This is my latest makeup favorite. I’ve seen the Pixie brand products at Target for a long time but I’ve never tried them. I decided to take their tinted moisturizer/concealer for a whirl and my goodness I love it! It is a tinted moisturizer so it is very sheer coverage, it is slightly buildable if you need that in certain areas like under your eyes etc.and I usually set my tinted moisturizer with a powder for staying powder since I have combination oily and dry skin. I love how light and fresh this tinted moisturizer feels and I love how dewy and natural it looks. You can find it HERE.

Thank you for stopping by this labor Day and checking out my Monday Must Haves! Come back soon and have a restful Labor Day!

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