Must Have Monday No.23 // Products That Make Your Bathroom Spa-like

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Hey y’all! On this episode of “Must Have Monday” I’m featuring items to help you get that “spa-like” bathroom you’ve always wanted! When I think of spa bathrooms I think of marble tiles, big soaker tubs and fancy showers but there are a few other key pieces that spas stock that if replicated in your own home can make any space feel luxurious. So, without further ado, here are my top 4.

  1. A wood stool, like this one found HERE. Now, your stool doesn’t have to be vintage and rustic, alternatively you could opt for a sleek modern bamboo stool. But pacing a wooden stool in a walk in shower or beside a tub to act as a holder for a couple of folded towels and a loofah – a show loofah of course 😉 just give the bathroom a fancy feeling. It’s like the towels are just saying, “Here, pick me! We’ve been waiting for you!”
  2. Turkish towels. I love Turkish towels, I actually like to use Turkish towels as my “show towels” and fluffy towels for the towels I dry my body and hair with. Turkish towels are really great for hand towels or to stack on a tray beside the sink for guests to use. If you reserve certain towels for guests (I call these show towels) they stay nice looking for much longer and you guests will feel like they are enjoying time at the spa. These can be found HERE.
  3. A tray. I love this marble tray- you can purchase HERE. A well appointed tray set on a vanity to corral hand towels, soap and a candle is a perfect way to elevate normal bathroom accessories. These necessary items can look haphazard, but place them on a fancy tray and suddenly you have a vignette. 
  4. Fancy soap bottles. These can be purchased HERE. Elevate your shampoo and conditioner with chic amber bottles rather than clutter your shower with colorful labels and you will instantly feel like you are at a spa rather than your bathroom. These are super inexpensive on Amazon and you can simply fill them with your favorite products.

I hope you guys enjoyed my suggestions to get the spa bathroom you’ve been dreaming of!

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