Tips for Traveling with Kids & Free Packing Printable Labels

Living far away from our families for the majority of our marriage has meant that we have clocked a lot of traveling hours, most of those trips with babies and kids in tow. Many of these hours have been in the car for long road trips and many have been on airplanes and airport terminals. You could say we are experienced travelers at this point. So, today I want to share with you guys some of my go-to tricks for traveling with kiddos!


A few of the products linked in this post are affiliate links, however all of these products are used regularly by my family and we love them.

1.Always travel with food. 

“Well, duh Holly.” I know that’s what you were thinking, but really snacks are key and I don’t mean the sugar filled kind 😉 It is good to bring along fruit snacks or trail mix with m&m’s for moments when there is no other bribe than a sweet treat, but I consider those “The Big Guns.” I like to pack things like, cheese sticks, pretzels, bananas, apples, etc. The execution of the snack bags is a little different depending on how we plan to travel. Regardless of the travel method I like to pack each kid their own snack bag, this makes things a little more special for them and then they get choose what snack to eat first etc. I really like these small lunch bags HERE. They are the perfect size to pack a few different snacks in and are small enough to fit inside of a child’s backpack. I also have some mini icepacks that I place in the bottom of the snack bag to keep things like cheese sticks cold. These icepacks HERE are great! If we are opting for a road trip I still pack Grayson his snack bag ( Sloane is still rear facing in the car so any snacks that she has while on the road are administered by a parent, usually me in the back seat so I can watch her and make sure she”s not choking or gobbling down too much at once) but we always take a larger cooler bag with water bottles, milk cup and a half gallon of milk. There is nothing worse than being on the road with no gas station in sight and a two year old screaming for her milk.

2. Backpacks and activities.

I try to choose some of the kids favorite toys, 1 stuffed animal and a few books to bring on the road or plane and put them in their own backpack. Another great toy/gadget that we bring along is a camera. Grayson has THIS kid’s digital camera and he loves to take lots of pictures of our travels! The camera also has a few little games on it which can be a good distraction if things get really rough as they sometimes do. You can also make a travel themed scavenger hunt for your kiddos, Grayson is just now getting to the age where that would keep his attention so we may try that on our next adventure. 


3. Organized packing 

You definitely want to make sure that you have packed everything that you might need for your kids when you are traveling. Just assume that Murphy’s Law is king when going anywhere with kids. Make a check list ahead of time and mark off everything. One thing we never leave home without are, water bottles and a snack, I know I said that before but a hungry or dehydrated kid is not only a temper tantrum waiting to happen but dehydration is really dangerous and you want to make sure your little guys are super safe. We like Bubba water bottles THIS on for Grayson, and THIS one for Sloane. Another tip I have for packing is to pack kids clothes in gallon sized ziplock bags and label what is in the bag. Generally I pack two ziplocks a day, one with play clothes and one with “going out” clothes & p.j.’s. I also usually stick a diaper  (for Sloane) and underwear (for Grayson) in each bag as well. The kids are small enough that their clothes will fit in the same ziplock, so I can put “Wednesday’s Play Clothes” for both kids in one bag together and “Wednesday’s Going Out Clothes” & pajamas in another bag together. This has really help especially when visiting family who like to help get the kids ready. There is never any question about what the kids should wear and you wont run the risk of your kids church clothes for Sunday morning getting worn out to play in the mud on Saturday afternoon – I also like to do this (for that reason) when my kids go to grandparents houses for a weekend and we even do it at home, we just use a hanging organizer instead of ziplocks to make things a little easier on Daddy. I’ve put together a free printable page that you can download, print and use to differentiate clothes for you next trip! You can go to that printable Here.  

I hope this list of tips for traveling is useful to you and seriously try the ziplock thing the next time you travel! I sometimes do it with my clothes & jewelry when we travel and it actually helps things fit better in my suitcase! Thanks for stopping by y’all! until next time 🙂

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