I love recipes, I love food blogs, I love to eat food. Food is just good in general. I love making up new recipes and tweaking old recipes to fit my needs. I’m a clean eating lady and I want the food that I eat to be just as tasty as macaroni and cheese made with heavy cream and a pound of sharp cheddar…..without the effects of heavy cream and a pound of cheddar. I want my food to fill me up not to make me more hungry and I want my food to be nutritious. I cook every day, (that’s my personal preference) And I document most of my meals on Instagram (Follow Me!). I have dreams and aspirations of taking beautiful pictures of my food and the meal prep like I see across all the wonderful food blogs out there, but as of right now my forte with food pictures is Instagram. So, while I practice my food photography, feel free to take a look around some of my favorite recipes!