Must Have Monday No. 17

Hey y’all! I ave some great must haves for you this week, so let’s get started!

  1. Number one on my list is my FAVORITE DIY helper ever! The Home Right Finish Max Paint Sprayer, this thing is such a life saver. This makes painting chairs, bookshelves or cabinets a breeze! It gives a light spray application and doesn’t spray globs like some sprayers do. I just recently used the sprayer to paint my kitchen chairs. You can check out the sprayer HERE.
  2. The second thing that I’m absolutely digging are these adorable peep toe booties. I love fall boots and while some of you in parts of the country where you experience all 4 seasons will be pulling out your boots in a month or so… we here in TN have about three months until we’ll have a break in this hot weather. I think these cute booties will be a great transition into cute fall style without getting too hot! Available HERE!
  3. Okay, so I’m sure you all have heard of the ninja blender line before. About 6 months ago our blender broke shortly before our food processor bit the dust. I purchased the picture ninja blender set and I LOVE it. We make smoothies on the daily and the small bullet size is perfect for that. The food processor and blender attachment are perfect for soups, blending dough, salsa and guac! You can check out their whole line HERE.
  4. Last but not least. I get a lot of questions about my hair, mainly about how I keep my hair white or silver looking without it turning brassy. Although my hair definitely turns brassy after a while and that usually signals a trip to the salon for a touchup and toning; I use purple shampoo on the regular to neutralize andy yellow buildup on my hair. I’ve used a lot of different types of purple shampoo, some of them haven’t worked at all and some were just ok. This purple shampoo available HERE is by far the best on my hair, it is really potent but it works like a charm to lighten and brighten up my hair.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of my current favorite things! If you have any products that you think I should try let me know in the comments!

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