Breakfast Nook Sneak Peek & Chalk Board Art Tutorial

Hey everyone! We’ve been working like busy little bees unpacking all of our boxes, putting things away and making this new house our home. As a creative person sometimes the mess of unpacking and long days where I don’t get to do anything creative drives me nuts and I need just a little break in the monotony. I decided that a quick little project would give me a good aside from all the organizing and would help us feel a little more settled in at the same time.

Inspired by one of my favorite songs I created these adorable side by side faux chalkboard panels. I say faux chalkboard because I fixed mine so that the chalk cannot be erased. 

The large panels take up just the right amount of space on the wall in our breakfast nook, I love the way they turned out. These panels were super easy to create even though I have horrible handwriting! I promise you could make your own too! Check out the tutorial below…

To make your own panels you will need..

-1-2 picture frames with chipboard or mdf backings. (I bought mine at Michael’s during a bogo sale)

-Chalk paint in black.

-Paint brush



I’m going to be using a smaller frame as an example for the purposes of this tutorial.

First you’ll want to discard the glass or plastic that came with your frame and paint the entire front of the chipboard backing with the black chalk paint.

Next you’ll need to let the backing dry completely. The rub the side of the chalk over the surface of the “chalkboard” backing.

Next you will need to use a wet towel to  erase the chalk. This will give your chalkboard a “lived in” look.

Then comes the fun a easy part! I wanted a more industrial look for my panels so I chose a black lettering style of stencils ( these are cardstock stencils from Hobby Lobby and are litterally the cheapest stencils ever). Place your stencils where you want your lettering, washi tape can help you hold the stencils in place without damaging your chalkboard.

To draw your letters you’ll want to draw around the edge of the stencil.

Then, scribble chalk in the center and draw heavier on one side of the letter, that will add a little bit of depth to your lettering.

After you finish your lettering you will want to fix the chalk so that your pretty chalkboard art will stay nice and crisp.

There are two ways to fix the chalk art, you can use a fixative spray found at art supply stores- it’s used to fix chalk pastels etc. Or you can use hairspray which will do the exact same thing.  Just hold your hairspray about 12-18 inches away from your panels and give them a nice light spray. and voila! You did it, you made your very own chalkboard art.

Thank you for checking in on my latest project, we have a ton of projects underway. Join us on this little journey as we make our house a home!

xoxo Holly



Living Room Makeover Ideas and (re)Painting Our Piano

Hey Friends! Our living room has been going through some color pallet transitions as of late and I just wanted to pop in and share our journey from deep jewel tones to bright spring colors!

Our living room color pallet has revolved around some very specific pillows for a few years now. I love the colors and the style but a girl needs a change now and again amIright?! I whipped up this cute little design board as a summary of the style and colors that we’ve had going on for a while.


Cute right?! The “specific pillows” I had mentioned before are the colorful Chiang Mai Dragon print seen on the design board as well as the bold leopard print. You can see that we had painted our piano a bold blue which was amazing in the space-Here is the link to that post. Having white couches allows me to do incredibly bold things with furniture and pillows, I love it!

Here is a little snapshot from Christmas before last.


And a beautiful view of our amazing $30 piano all made over with some bright blue chalk paint.

Chalk Painted Piano Makeover

While I love the bright bold colors and constantly received compliments on how amazing it all looked together I wanted to spruce up the area with some new pillows and accessories that are a little more neutral. We will be putting our home on the market in the late spring and I’m feeling lucky with a slightly less in-your-face color scheme 😉

Of course I have another adorable little design board to show you!

photo (1)

The great thing about this makeover is that my walls are staying exactly the same. Neutral walls are a blessing! My couches are staying white and my curtains will be the same- white with black pompom trim. Although I will be switching out the curtain rods for these super chic brass rods from Crate & Barrel. If you follow me on the Instagram you will notice that I already received that beautiful rug! It’s Safavieh available on Overstock and It’s wonderfully soft and the colors are subtle but amazing!

You’ll notice that I have three pillow options on the board, one of each for each couch is what I’m thinking. I’l be making the black and white gingham pillows with fabric from Ikea, which is apparently only available in red and beige now. The floral pillows and coral pillows are both Caitlin Wilson Textiles. I love her products! You may have heard her name from me before, when I revealed our breakfast nook -my pink and blue pillows are from CWT.

And remember, I said I painted our piano? Well here it is people!


I love it in grey! And such a pretty creamy grey at that! can I tell you a secret? It’s that same grey as my walls! It’s Woodlawn Colonial Grey from Valspar, incase you were wondering. The brass lamp was a Target buy, it’s a good little lamp.

And here is what is going down over on the mantle.


Oh look! The artwork from my design board. Which you can find here on Etsy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sweet little look into our new color pallet for our living room because I’m totally loving it! Thanks for stopping by friends!

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How To Build a Greek Key Planter

Happy Thursday y’all! I hope you have been enjoying your week, we have had some surprisingly mild-ish (for Kansas) weather here and we are taking full advantage of it! I’m hoping to get out and do some much needed gardening this week and I think the boy would love to help me.

Today I want to share a little tutorial I whipped up a few months ago for Ella Claire Inspired. I built a greek key planter from scrap wood we had laying around the garage and it is by far one of the cutest planters I’ve ever seen, if I do say so myself. It was really quite easy and it looks great in my house, I bet it’d look great in yours too 😉 Stick around and read all about how I built it!

How To Build A Greek Key Planter

Supply List

Wood Glue/Construction Adhesive

Nail Gun/ Brad Nailer/ Trim Nailer and Nails

Caulk or Wood Filler

Paint of Your Choosing

2 Pieces of 1″ Plywood Cut to 11″ w x 12″ h

2 Pieces of 1/2″ Plywood Cut to 12″x 12″

1 Piece 11″x 10 1/2″ Pine ( or plywood)

4 Pieces of 2-3″ 1″x 2″ Trim

4 Pieces of 14″ 1″x 2″ Trim

4 Pieces of 10 3/8″ 1″x 2″ Trim

2  12″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice Strips (also called kraft board)

2  12 1/4″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice Strips

16  5″ Pieces of  2″w Lattice Strips

16  3 7/8″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice Strips

16  2 5/8″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice Strips

16  1 1/2″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice Strips

4  1 1/2″ Pieces of 1″x 1″ Square Dowel

I know that the cut list seems a little extensive but I’ll go step by step and the cuts are really simple to make, there are just a lot of them! Also, this is a project that I totally tweaked along the way- there is tons of room for error, no one can mess it up!

Diy Greek Key Planter

This is the first group of wood you’ll be working with and it will make up the body of the planter. These are the cuts pictured,

2 Pieces of 1″ plywood cut to 11″ w x 12″ h

2 Pieces of 1/2″ plywood cut to 12″x 12″

1 Piece 11″x 10 1/2″ pine ( or plywood)

4 Pieces of 2-3″ 1″x 2″ trim

Each side of the planter box needs to be 12″x 12″. You will need to take one piece of the 1″, 11″w x 12″ h plywood and butt the edge of the plywood against the inside edge of 1 piece of the 1/2″,  12″x12″ plywood and nail it in place. The edge of the 1″ plywood should be covered by the 1/2″ plywood and this will create the first corner of the planter box.

DIY Greek Key Planter

This is what your corner should look like.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Next fasten the other piece of 1″ plywood to the other end of the 1/2″ plywood to form a table shape.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Then the second piece of 1/2″ plywood can be nailed to cover both exposed edges of the 1″ plywood, creating a box shape.

DIY Greek Key Planter

This is where the piece of pine comes into play (and it doesn’t have to be pine, it can really be any kind of 1-1/2″ thick scrap wood). The measurement is approximate and can be tweaked, as I had to shave off the tiniest bit to wedge my piece into the bottom of the box.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Once you have cut the bottom piece to fit, let the piece sit in the bottom of the box and nail around the bottom edge of the box to fasten it in place.

DIY Greek Key Planter


Then you will use the four pieces of 1×2 trim and nail then vertically into each corner to act as a support for the bottom and corners.

*Tip: I put a nail up through the bottom into each of these corner supports and one from both sides of the corners.*

DIY Greek Key planter

These next cuts are the top and bottom ledge trim for your planter box.

DIY Greek Key Planter

These cuts are as follows…

4 Pieces of 14″ 1″x 2″ trim

4 Pieces of 10 3/8″ 1″x 2″ trim

DIY Greek Key Planter

Center and nail down one of the 14″ trim pieces to the top ledge of the box, covering the raw edge of the plywood.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Then a 10″ trim piece should be added to the adjacent edge, with it’s end butting against the previously placed trim. Continue to do this with the two other pieces of trim for the top ledge. The top and bottom of the planter should each receive 2 14″ pieces and 2 10″ pieces.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Next the box should be flipped over and trim applied to the bottom in the same fashion.

DIY Greek Key Planter

The Planter is starting to take shape! the next step is to cut the greek key trim pieces and apply them to each face of the planter.

DIY Greek key Planter

The toughest thing about this part of the project is just being patient through this list of wood cuts and here they are…

2  12″ Pieces of 2″w lattice strips (also called kraft board)

2  12 1/4″ Pieces of 2″w lattice strips

16  5″ Pieces of  2″w lattice strips

16  3 7/8″ Pieces of 2″w lattice strips

16  2 5/8″ Pieces of 2″w lattice strips

16 1 1/2″ Pieces of 2″w Lattice strips

DIY Greek Key Planter

Using wood glue attach one of the 12″ lattice strips horizontally across the middle of one face of the planter.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Next glue 4 of the 5″ pieces of lattice strip to the planter to make an H shape.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Glue 4 of the 3″ pieces to create E shapes.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Next glue the 2″ pieces to make C’s.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Gluing down the 1″ pieces of trim will complete the greek key design for this side. Next you will need to turn the planter over to the exact opposite side and complete the design just as this side was completed.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Now that both sides are completed if the planter is turned to the side, both edges of the planter will look like this.  When the trim for the next two sides are added make sure to butt the side trim up against the edge of the existing trim to create a nice edge, just as was done with the plywood.

DIY Greek Key Planter

The two slightly longer pieces of lattice strips will be used for these remaining two sides. Next the four pieces that form the H will be added, making sure that they too cover the edge.

DIY Greek Key Planter

After the H pieces are in place, complete the trim in the same manner as the other sides.

The planter should begin to look like this.

DIY Greek Key Planter



At this point we are almost at the finish! Yay!

I wanted to add some little feet to the planter so I cut 4 – 1 1/2″ pieces of 1″x 1″ square dowel.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Turn the Planter upside down and add one “foot” to each corner.

DIY Greek Key Planter

Once again I used my trusty little nail gun and fastened the feet into place.

Now you can turn the planter right side up and admire your beautiful work!

DIY Greek Key Planter

Now it time to paint this bad boy! My planter is going in my living room so I decided that I just wanted to spray paint it white, that way it can really POP against our grey walls and dark hardwood floors.

* This is just a tip: know yourself and your paint, if small cracks and imperfections bug you, use caulk or wood filler to remedy those problem areas before you paint. Also note that sometimes thicker paints will cover these areas and make them less visible while thinner paints like spray paint may enhance an issue.*

Once again I turned to my trusty can of white spray paint to get the job done. This is my favorite.

DIY Greek Key Planter

After the paint is all dry you have the sweetest little planter for a new plant addition to your home!

DIY Greek Key Planter

DIY Greek Key Planter

DIY Greek key Planter

This was the perfect addition for our space! What about you, could you see your house rocking this cute preppy accessory?



This post was originally published at Ella Claire on April 24, 2015.


Have Yourself A Preppy Little Christmas.

Hey guys, it’s that time of year again and I’ve been a busy little bee decorating! I wanted to share a few pictures of our colorful preppy christmas decor. I’ll be adding more pictures as I continue to decorate, but I snapped these up today while Grayson was having his “quiet rest time” and I couldn’t wait to share.

DSC_0737 DSC_0745 DSC_0749 DSC_0752 DSC_0755 DSC_0757 DSC_0759 DSC_0760 DSC_0762 DSC_0765

Thank you for stopping by, be sure to check back to see all of our christmas decorations!

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Red, White, Blue and Nautical All Over * Grayson’s Birthday Party*

We were so excited to celebrate our sweet boy’s second birthday over the fourth of July weekend, nautical style! (……notice that I’m just now sharing any pictures, ahem). He had such a blast playing with his little friends and devouring cupcakes. This was the first occasion that Grayson has attempted to rip open wrapping paper on his own and HE LOVED IT! I just wanted to share a few pictures and a video, for your viewing pleasure…

Nautical Birthday Party

It only made sense to go for a red white and blue nautical theme because it was Independence Day weekend after all! If you know me, you know how much I love to theme everything. 

Red, White & Blue, Nautical Party Invitations

I made the invitations with inspiration from Paper Source. They featured an invitation making set that made very similar invitations to the ones I created but with a red white and blue crab theme. If you’ve never checked out Paper Source you really should, they are fabulous!

Mason Jar Party Decor

Red, White & Blue, Nautical Party Decor

I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to party decorations. Most of the time when shopping I find party supplies, wrapping paper, napkins…etc and I just imagine what kind of theme I could produce with those elements and then collect similar stuff. I found the blue and white table cloths last summer for $1.50 on clearance at target. The kraft and red whale wrapping paper I used as a runner was a Marshall’s find for $2.50. Napkins came from the Target $1 section. The red and white stripped hot dog holders were supplied by Pick Your Plum, they have great deals and they send you Laffy Taffy with your order – for the win! The anchor drink tags and napkin wraps were made by Moi, I printed them out and cut them with my Silhouette – easy as that! All the hanging poofs were made with already owned tissue paper as well as the pinwheels (with the exception of the red and white stripe pinwheels- those babies cost me 5 big ones at Target). Most other party supplies ( wooden cutlery, paper straws…) I just have. I collect them when I see them on sale so i’m always in stock.

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

We decided to go sans frosting on the cupcakes these years. We had “Sandy Beach” cupcakes (pineapple upside down cake with brown sugar on top). I whipped up the little flags and pennants on top with washi tape and paper scraps.



Sweetest little man ever, we love our Grayson Price!