DIY Campaign Inspired iPad Rest

Hi y’all! Some of you may know that I’m a part of a wonderful creative team this year for Ella Claire Inspired, along with some super talented ladies. I’ve been creating some special things to share with readers and now I thought I’d bring a few projects home to you guys!

Today I’m showing you how I made my nifty little campaign inspired iPad holder. This was the first project I whipped up for the Ella Claire Inspired blog and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

I don’t know about y’all but as far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with cookbooks, however since good ol’ Pinterest came along, my cookbook usage has taken quite the back seat to my handy little iPad with my Pinterest “Food” board. Inspired my love of vintage preppy campaign furniture I created the perfect iPad rest for my kitchen. Here’s how it’s done…

Supply List

1/2″ or 1″ plywood or white wood

1″x 2″ trim

Wood Glue


Spray Paint

Trim Nailer ( Optional)

Flat Corner Braces (2)

Corner Braces (2) – The link is to a 2″ brace- I used 1.5″, but is not available online.

Drill or screw driver 


Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

First you will want to make your wood cuts

From right to left

I cut my plywood 7  3/4″ wide, 9  3/4″ tall. I have an iPad mini- I wanted 1″ border around my iPad when it was sitting on the rest. If you have a full sized iPad or other tablet you can measure 1″ around your tablet to determine the size you’ll require.

I cut a 7  3/4″  piece of the 1″x 2″ trim

For the last piece I again used the 1″x 2″ trim – cut a 4″ long pice and then cut diagonally lengthwise to achieve a triangle shape.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

Next I glued the 7 3/4″ trim piece to the bottom of the plywood- this will be the ledge that the iPad will actually sit on. I clamped the two together for nailing and drying purposes.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

I then used my trim nailer to secure the ledge piece to the plywood- this is totally optional, you could opt to just glue the pieces together.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

Next you will want to glue and or nail the diagonally cut piece of trim – this piece will act as the stand for the entire rest. It is very important that you position the trim on the back at the very bottom of the plywood, it will be at the same end of the plywood as the ledge, just on the other side of the plywood. The cut edge of the trim will be the glued edge and the thick part of the triangle will be the bottom. This allows the iPad rest to lean back just enough .

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

This is what your iPad rest should resemble after the construction phase.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

Next it’s painting time! This is my favorite spray paint ever, I highly recommend it! I spray paint everything, it’s my favorite form of painting and my best tip for you is multiple thin coats allowing the paint to dry completely between coats.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

Once the paint is completely dry you can screw on the corner braces. I screwed one flat brace in each upper corner and the bent corner braces on each both frontal corners of the ledge.

Campaign Furniture Inspired iPad Rest

Voila! There you have it, a super cute campaign iPad rest!

I love how practical the iPad rest is. It’s super versatile and can be made to fit anyone’s specific style, I think it’d look amazing with some bold punchy colors!

This post was originally published at Ella Claire on March 10th, 2015.

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