DIY Framed Skull

DIY Framed Deer Skull

Lately I’ve been working on accessorizing mine and Alex’s bedside dressers. I have quite a few pretty sparkly things on my side but Alex’s side has been lacking. I’ve been trying to come up with something pretty, but equally masculine.

Source: Kelly Rucker; via The Everygirl


I was totally inspired by this room, and the deer skull above the bed in particular. It’s totally glam with it’s shiny gold antlers, but it’s still so masculine. I was convinced I could replicate the same look and throw in my own flair to meet our bedside table styling needs. Alex had found a whole deer skull while out hunting last year (we had soaked in bleach and then oxyclean to sanitize and whiten it) and it had just been chilling in our basement ever since, so I was pretty excited that I could finally put it to use and I knew Alex would love it. I decided that our skull needed to be framed and I wanted to go for a “layered frame look”. We have a Lindsay Letters print of wedding vows hanging over both our bedside dressers and my idea was that I could lean the framed skull against our larger framed vows and create some really great levels.

DIY Framed deer skull

I’m really proud of the outcome of my project, let me show you how I did it!

DIY Framed deer skull

What I used:

Deer Skull

Gold Leafing Marker or Paint

Nail Head Tacks or Trim



Quilt Batting


Hot Glue & Glue Gun

All of these Items were things I just had laying around so it was a nice free project for me.

DIY Framed deer skull

First I made the antlers gold. I had a plan to paint them with some gold leaf paint but when I opened the bottle it was totally dried up, go figure. BUT never fear, I found a gold leaf marker in the bottom of my purse and the marker worked beautifully.

DIY Framed Deer Skull

Even after we had soaked the skull and had left it out in the hot summer sun for a few weeks it still was not as white as I’d have liked so I did paint the remainder of the skull with primer to give it a very flat chalky white look.

DIY Framed Deer Skull

Next I cut a piece of cork to fit my frame and hot glued the cork to the back of the frame. I then cut a piece of quilt batting about .5″ smaller on all sides and glued that down.

DIY Framed Deer Skull

Next, I covered the cork/quilt batting back with my choice of fabric ( drop cloth) making sure I stretched it tightly around the back and glued it with hot glue.

DIY Framed Deer Skull

Next I nailed down my nail head tacks. I should mention that the back of my frame was made of particle board which is heavy duty enough to hold the tacks, the cork provides some extra stability and the quilt batting adds that “tufted” look. After I popped the back of the frame into the frame (with the glass removed) I nailed a finishing nail in the top center area where the skull could hang from. Alex had attached a piece of wire to the back of the skull when it had been in the basement so that made hanging easy for me and I just added a touch of hot glue for added support.

DIY Framed Deer skull

I love the way my deer skull project turned out and so does Alex. He was super excited that I turned his little find into some kind of art that we both love!


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