DIY Range Hood Cover

Hey y’all! Today I have a special project that is near and dear to my heart that I want to share with everyone, and that is how I built my range hood cover.

Diy Range Hood Cover

I totally had a vision for this wall in our kitchen when I tore down the cabinets that use to reside on this here wall almost a year ago (!). I knew I wanted it to be white, bright, shiny, still with some storage but I wanted a big beautiful range hood right over the stove. I had priced some range hood inserts online and $400-$600 dollars later I was absolutely convinced I could do this myself without the high price tag. My plan was to build some sort of “frame on the wall onto which I could mount and under cabinet mount exhaust fan (because they are considerably cheaper) and then build the decorative “range hood cover” around the exhaust fan. Then while on an unsuspecting trip to the Ikea AS-IS section I found a really large under cabinet mount exhaust fan. This one here to be exact.

DIY Rang Hood Cover

This guy happened to be marked down from $99 to $45 which made him cheaper than some of the under cabinet mount exhaust fans I was considering using from Lowes/Home Depot and a lot larger!

DIY Range Hood Cover

This isn’t a very clear picture but it’s the one I was able to snap before I started building my hood cover. My dad is actually the one who mounted the exhaust fan and hooked it up to vent where the old one had previously (was supposed to) vent. We could have saved a little more money by using our old under cabinet mount exhaust hood but it had lived a long life and the venting mechanism was broken- it just made more sense to us to buy new and ensure many more years of use.

DIY Range Hood Cover

My first step was to screw two “braces” into studs on the ceiling that the top of the front panel of the range hood could attach to.

DIY Range Hood Cover

And my next step was to cut the panel of thin MDF/kraft board and screw it into place. This kraft board is a really thin fiber board, I like to call it glorified cardboard, but it really can stand up to a lot of abuse and it is great for a decorative project like this, where the structure is all about the frame underneath. (I used the same kind of board for our faux fireplace). Kraft Board cuts like a hot knife through butter, I used my circular saw for this and it took me about 5 seconds to cut out what I needed.

DIY Range Hood Cover

Big question of the day…..Can you find slope? 10th grade math anyone? ME NEITHER. I’m totally an eye-ball it kind of girl. I honestly probably get closer to perfect just eye-balling things than I would using a tape measure and formulas. I do use a level, putting a bubble between two lines works for me, numbers- not so much. I pulled the front panel of the range hood cover away from the exhaust fan to determine how much of an angle I was desiring. I wanted to make sure when my front bottom panel went on there was at least 1.5” of space between the panel and the knobs that control the light and exhaust fan. I measured how much more the panel needed to be kicked out, cut two 2×4 pieces to support the angle and attached them to the mounting structure.

DIY Range Hood Cover

I do apologize, I did not get a shot of the top brace I screwed into the ceiling into which I screwed the side panels but here is the first side panel. I hung the panels so that they sit flush against the sides of the exhaust fan and the panels come past the bottom of the exhaust fan approx. .5″.  I used construction adhesive on the joint between the front panel and side panel.

DIY Range Hood Cover

Then I repeated on side 2. I then used construction adhesive to glue a little barce on the inside of each side panel so I could then attach my front bottom panel.

DIY Range Hood Cover

I then used construction adhesive to adhere the front bottom panel. Just for reference, this whole cover is super SUPER light, the construction adhesive will do a fabulous job of holding that front piece on- just thought I’d add that for any of you worry-ers out there 😉

DIY Range Hood Cover

For the next step, I trimmed out my range hood with “lattice” trim. I spared you all from being bored to pieces and did not photograph every. single. step. of this process. It was probably the easiest and most time consuming part of the whole process but once again I used my handy dandy construction adhesive to attach the trim.

DIY Range hood cover

So you can see there may be tiny gaps between some of the trim- just remember when you are doing projects that are to be painted caulk, spackle, wood fillers are all your friends and they cover a myriad of mistakes- cosmetic mistakes that is. But don’t be afraid to use them!

DIY Range Hood Cover

I painted my Range hood a bright shiny semi-gloss white, it will wash off really nicely and it matches out floating shelves.

Side Note: Do not be thrown off by the fact that our counters are currently higher than our stove, we have to fix that with some appliance risers…

DIY Range Hood Cover

I’m really excited about my range hood cover, I’ve been dreaming about one for so long and it’s finally a reality! Do y’all love range hood covers? Do you think you might take on a DIY one of your own?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you’ve been inspired!

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28 thoughts on “DIY Range Hood Cover

  1. Okay, this looks wonderful! Thank you for the complete tutorial! I’ve always wondered how they are made. It looks easy enough and absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Benita! It was so much easier than I imagined it would be and we’re loving how it turned out!

  2. I love this look! We just refinished our kitchen and I love how reworking a vent hood surround changes the look of the kitchen. Great job!

    1. Hey Kathy, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words!

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  5. Hi, I’m a new reader, just heard about your blog from Confessions of a Serial DIYer! Your tutorial makes it look so easy, and the end result is just beautiful. I can’t wait to try it myself! Just a question – is it easy to reach underneath to turn the knobs? I’m assuming that’s what you do…? Thanks!

  6. Love this! I found it on Pinterest searching for design ideas for our range hood. Could you give approx dimensions? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Kristen, thank you so much! The dimensions are 30.5″ wide x 20.5″ deep x 32″ high. I put up the venting fan first and built the range hood around it that way i didn’t have to calculate slope (Hello 10th grade math), which I probably still can’t do! lol! I just played with the design a little until I figured out what angle was most aesthetically pleasing. I hope that was helpful!

  7. Hi Holly! That looks so much nicer. We haven’t had an exhaust fan over our range for years. I know that we should but after a leak in the roof, the contractor slapped a new piece of plywood over the hole and shingled right over it. We finally repaired the inside ceiling and are a little timid about cutting a new hole to vent an exhaust fan. It doesn’t look like there’s enough room to vent your hood through the ceiling. Did you route it through the wall behind? I ask because the wall that our range is on is an interior wall and couldn’t be vented behind. How difficult was it to vent?

    1. Hi Christine, Thank you for commenting! Yes, our fan vents outside directly behind the vent fan, which is why there is no pictures of it. There was an existing vent fan there before but it was totally gross (LOL) degreaser couldn’t even get it clean! It was also broken, so it didn’t do me any good, but the existing duct work was helpful, we just hooked up the new vent fan.

  8. Hi! I love your tutorial. I noticed that your shelf brackets were painted gold in the photo. May I ask what spray paint you used and if it is holding up and not tarnishing? Several of my projects have tarnished after awhile. Thank you so much!

  9. Do you have to just stick your hand underneath the cover to turn the fan or light on and off?

    1. Hi Chelsea, Yes. The knob is literally less than an inch away from the bottom of the hood cover so I would just flip it with my finger but it’s totally hidden unless you look under the hood 😉

  10. Looks great! Can you tell me what the distance is from the counters to the bottom of the vent? We are building one and I think it looks too low😕

    1. Hi Joeli, I’m actually not sure! We do not live in this house anymore and that wasn’t something I ever measured. I do know that it was at my forehead level and I’m 5’4.

  11. This looks amazing! Just what we’re planning for our kitchen reno next summer. Also….I’ve been obsessively researching simple shelf brackets. How have your Ikea ones held up? Can they handle a fair amount of weight? Thanks for any insight you can give!

    1. Thank you Erin! The IKEA brackets we originally put up in the kitchen held up wonderfully and were super budget friendly. Ultimately we went with some marble and brass shelves from CB2 because they were a more cohesive look for our kitchen. You can see those HERE in our final kitchen reveal.

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you for your question! My whole range hood had a metal underside because of the vent hood insert, with the decorative outer shell being only on the outside just like if you were to have a professional install a range hood. I believe this works with gas ranges as well, the most important thing is that the metal vent hood insert cover the whole underside of the vent hood.

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