One room challenge week 4 // super easy crown molding

Friends! It is already week 4 of the ORC, which means we only have 2 weeks left! Oh my I am so excited! If you checked in with me the past few weeks you know how far we have come in this renovation, but for those of you who have missed our progress this far let me catch you up to speed! Week 1 we started with a really bland builder basic powder bath.

By week 2 I had demolished the builder grade sink (I had Alex move it out for me) and installed a shiplap accent wall and painted the whole bathroom a creamy off white.

Week 3 things started looking “up” and I planked our ceiling… get it? Looking up šŸ˜‰ 

See the textured “before”…

And the planked “after”…

I primed the boards and then painted the planks “Walk Me Home” by behr in high-gloss.

Now, obviously you can see that I wasn’t super careful while painting the ceiling. I knew that crown molding was a MUST for this room in order to give the planks a really polished look. I have a little crown molding hack that I use whenever I do crown molding and it seriously cuts down on time. Now, I will say this will only work if you are working with regular 90 degree angle corners. So any angle that isn’t square will require you to cut the crown molding the good old fashion way BUT this hack is really awesome if you aren’t too sure about your angle cutting skills.

I buy THESE lovely little crown molding corners at lowes. They have a lot of different shapes and sizes to choose from and they run in the $6-$7 range. That can kind of stack up if you have a ton of corners you need to cover but in my opinion it is so so worth it! The best part about these handy little corners is that they eliminate the need for you to cut any angles in the crown molding. All you will need to make is straight cuts. Check out the back! They are constructed so that a coordinating piece of crown molding (lowes carries the matching molding) can just slide right in. The corner also has a spacer behind it that sits back in the corner- you crown molding wont need to reach all the way back in the corner, you actually will have about 2-2.5 inches of wiggle room on each end of your molding.

The first bit of crown I wanted to install would be my toughest spot, the “potty wall.” It’s not very wide so I would need to cut my molding, slide on both corner pieces and then use my finish nailer to nail everything in place. I started by measuring the potty wall. Remember I said that you have 2-2.5″ of grace on either side of the molding? This is where that comes in, I measure the wall about two inches in on either side, so instead of measuring corner to corner I measure 2″ in from the left corner to 2″ in from the right corner.

Then I get to go mark my crown molding.

And make one easy straight cut.

Once I cut my crown molding I placed the corner pieces on both ends of the crown molding.

I held the molding up in place while I adjusted the corner pieces to sit just right, as you can tell, the above photo is “pre adjustment.”

Then I used my handy-dandy nail gun to attach both corners and the molding to the wall and ceiling.

Now that my most difficult area (it also happened to be the first crown molding you spot when you walk in the room) was in place I picked a side and started to work from there; measuring the length of the molding, cutting it and placing the corner piece.

I continued to do this all the way around the room. I then used DAP caulk to fill any holes and I places a bead of caulk around the bottom of the molding ( where the molding meets the wall). Just a tip: I always buy the pre-primed crown molding, it’s a little more expensive but the time saved totally makes up for the extra cost, always! After the caulk dried over night I gave the molding two coats of Valspar’s “Ultra Pure White” in semi-gloss. That is my go-to bright white that I use for all my moldings, so pretty!

Here is the lovely, lovely result!

You guys, you should have seen me trying to get these shots….it was the hot mess express. This bathroom is in our front hallway and get 0 natural light, it’s also super super super small and the door is at such an angle that you can’t get a great photo of the whole room. So, then there’s me trying to get a good photo of the ceiling, all 31 weeks pregnant (and sweaty) laying on the floor, half in the bathroom half in the hallway trying to photograph this ceiling. It was a sight to behold I assure you. I’m just so glad Alex was at work, only the two smaller members of the family had to endure that.

How incredibly striking is that color though??? SOOOO pretty! Now, I did mention over on my IG that I’ve (finally) made some lighting decisions!! I’m super super stoked. The best part about it is that the over the mirror lighting I choose is so super budget friendly and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Just as a reminder here is what we have now..

It’s actually not bad right? Pretty decent for a builder grade home but since I’m redecorating this bathroom I wanted some lighting that is a little more “me” and would fit our home a little better. I love the mixed metal look and so so happy it’s “in” these days. We are choosing to incorporate both brass and black fixtures in our home and I wanted to find a mixed metal vanity light to tie the two together and I came across this one at home depot.

Check it out you guys! Not only is it both brass and black, it has a clear glass shade AND only costs $29.97.  Um, yes please! Perfect for this space, and all the other bathrooms in our house. But wait, theres more! You guys have seen the remnants of the boob light mounted to my now beautiful teal ceiling? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that ugly thing is getting the boot! And I will be replacing it with a vintage brass and crystal chandelier (hopefully). I say hopefully because I’m currently the highest bidder on ebay (lol) and I’m looking to keep it that way. I will be stalking the junk out of that chandelier for the next 2 days and 8 hours waiting to get my paws on it! So say a prayer, cross your fingers and send me all your well wishes because I WANT it!

Well guys that is all I have for today! Make sure you head over and check out everyone participating in the One Room Challenge!

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