Outfitting The Bump 1st & 2nd Trimester Tops

There are a lot of things that happen during pregnancy, one of the most challenging stages in my opinion is the first and second trimester, the first trimester bringing with it sickness and fatigue; just as the second trimester dawns with promises of no more nausea and a little more energy you begin to experience the phenomenon I affectionately call “baby or beer gut.” Let me explain a little….This typically happens to me during my second trimester, when my little baby belly is starting to protrude but isn’t quite yet a cute, obvious baby bump; like I look like I’m a little bit pregnant or I look like I just ate 3 pizzas and had a whole six pack all to myself!

I have such a hard time dressing at this point, my regular shirts just look tight in weird places but a maternity top would totally swallow me up!  I’ve linked up a few of my favorite, really cute non-maternity (and one maternity) tops that are totally budget friendly and will help you ease through this awkward little stage until you are ready to show off your cute baby bump!

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