Rental Dining Room & One Room Challenge

It is October 5th and that means it’s time for the fall One Room Challenge. This is actually the first year I’m getting in on the whole Challenge (5 weeks) and I’m super excited to play along with everyone.

This year I’m going to be making over the dining room of our rental home. This means a couple of very defining guidelines for me…
1. No paint

2. No wallpaper

3. No changing out fixtures or flooring

I have to say, I’m slightly intimidated by those constraints. I’m struggling over the fact that I can’t use paint or wallpaper with fun patterns but I have big plans for this space and I’m having some fun. The constraints are actually forcing me to use my creative thinking skills so let me show you what I’m working with…

Here is an image I generated of the dining area’s layout.


Not a bad space all in all. Sizable, with wood flooring and a small strip of tile by the back french doors. The walls and trim are a cream color. Here are some before pictures that I took…enjoy them in all their “we just moved in” glory.



Okay, first. Don’t judge me. lol. I took these pictures right as we moved the last full boxes out of the dining room. I’m terrible at capturing “before pictures” but this time I was bound and determined to get them! 

The most important thing you can gather from our messy before photos is that we have a relatively large white box to work with.

So, let me give you a little inspiration…


As you can see in my inspiration board above I’m choosing to make my very neutral palette work for me. I’m going to define my white walls with faux black picture moulding, add pops of color in the accessories and mix traditional elements with some funky and modern things. 

I’ve already started pulling the room together, I wasn’t planning on showing you anything more in this post, but I just can’t wait! I’ve completed the faux picture frame moulding and it is looking fabulous! 


I have the faux moulding on the three dining room walls and it looks amazing! It has really added a lot of height to the room. look for more sneak peeks on Instagram (lovethetompkins) as that is where I will be doling out the details in between blog posts! 

Until next time! xoxo

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