Shrimp & Garlic Butter Noodles With Dorot

This post is sponsored by Dorot but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You guys I’m teaming up with Dorot today to share with you a great no-fail spring recipe! Spring time is such a bright and happy time in the world  and cooking is no exception. I love all the spring time meals and the addition of citrus and fresh herbs to brighten up dishes. For those of us from the coast spring and summer usually bring on seafood dishes and this shrimp meal is such an easy go-to! Go ahead an watch me make this simple and quick dinner! With the help of Dorot, fresh prepared herbs my prep time was literally cut in half!  

If you guys spend any time around me at all you will quickly learn that despite my love of herbs and plants I kill them almost instantly – which makes cooking with herbs highly inconvenient. I am so excited to share the Dorot fresh, prepared herbs – these are seriously a life savor when it comes to fresh and flavorful cooking. For this recipe I used garlic and basil but they have a whole line of great herbs available – check it out here! All of their herbs are prepared, which mean no slicing, dicing or washing. They even have caramelized onions! Y’all. That is seriously a game changer.

Dorot frozen herbs can be found conveniently in the frozen food section of your local Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Harris Teeter and other stores (check out their website to find a store near you!). I especially love that the Dorot herbs are frozen in a small package that looks like a mini ice cube tray- you just pop out however many you need and put the rest back in the fridge for another meal and just like that you have fresh, already prepared herbs! 

Right now I’m loving the Dorot frozen garlic and basil – these are such life savors for me to have stocked in my freezer for spur of the moment meals – I cannot tell you how many times we have made a last minute trip to the store for just herbs for a specific dish! Well no more, thanks to Dorot we will always have yummy, fresh, frozen herbs right on hand.

As always you guys, I only rep brands that I use and trust, Dorot is one of those brands for me! I think their products are just fantastic and totally worth your time. Go check them out!

XOXO Holly

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