The Best Sugar Free Recipes and Products

Hey you guys! As promised I am here today sharing my favorite sugar free and soy free recipes and favorite sugar free products. About three years ago I cut refined sugar, cane sugar syrup, corn syrup etc and soy out of my diet for the most part. I say “for the most part” because we do like to treat ourselves every now and then to nice donut or fancy drink at a restaurant and that is okay as long as I don’t go overboard with sugar. I have always struggled with my body retaining water and toxins. In high school I began to take a medication prescribed by my derm. to help with edema and acne and consequently it helped my body release the toxins that it holds on to. I got off the medication around the time I got married and have just recently began taking it again as I have not been able to control my issues with diet alone (dang hormones). 

While I was off the medication I was pregnant twice. With Grayson’s pregnancy I was very bloated and had tons of edema and acne issues from the very begining. I hurt all over and would get swollen ankles from day one of being pregnant. After my pregnancy the water weight went away rather quickly but I still had so many body aches and pains, I still had a hard time with swollen ankles and feeling groggy and dizzy in the morning time.(Sloane’s pregnancy, while being off sugar was entirely different! No bloating, no swollen ankles from the begining, no feeling tired and sluggish constantly) After Grayson’s pregnancy I did many tests at the doctor to make sure there was not a greater medical issue and was issued a “clean bill of health”. It was then I began to research the “Clean Eating Diet” and the idea of making my food work for me. I stopped eating sugar, I read every label and searched for great recipes, I experimented on recipes by using honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. Some recipes were fails and some were triumphs and I want to share these recipes with you!

Here is my little recipe round up!

1. Peanut Butter Protein Cups eating sugar free is tough without treats! Here is a link to a little mock peanut butter cup treat that is perfect for keeping in the freezer and eating when the need for something sweet arises.

2. Carrot Muffins These are amazing and simple! They are a kid pleaser and perfect with morning coffee.


3. Whole Wheat Pizza Dough This is great for family pizza night! I would make the dough in the morning and give it all day to rise! Personal pizzas are such a kid pleaser and the dough is delicious!

4. Sugar Free Ketchup Perfect for ketchup lovers out there!


Next I want to share a few of my favorite sugar free products!

1. Maple Grove Farms Pancake and Waffle mix Super light and fluffy!

2. Ezekiel 7 Sprouted Grains Bread This brand makes so many variations of bread!

3. Justin’s Peanut Butter YUMMY!

4. Garden of Eatin Blue Corn Chips  These are really great with salsa and guac and I buy mine at Sam’s Club! 

All of these products are not only sugar free but also soy-free! They are super yummy and my husband and kids love them too! If you are interested in clean eating or sugar free eating but don’t know where to start feel free to message me and follow me on Pinterest I’d love to share all of my recipes and tricks I’ve learned along the way with you!.

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