The Lowdown On Our Clawfoot Tub

Hey y’all something I get questions about all the time is the vintage clawfoot tub that we put into our 207 house! The bathroom had a really hideous, hodge podge, slapped together Jacuzzi tub (which totally freaks me out btw. Just google the infections people have gotten from their own jetted tubs. YUCK!!)

This is the only good picture I have of this tub and of course the baby makes it so much better! I was actually really embarrassed about this tub and I think that is why I never took a good photo of it! But that is so silly, I should have gotten a good picture to show off the progress! If you look closely you can see that the tub surround is made with multiple pieces that are two different colors, the caulking was really poorly done and we reapplied it multiple times before we renovated the bathroom. One of the main things we noticed was that there was mildew that kept creeping out from under the tub surround, so until we could replace the whole thing we would scrape away the caulk, clean the seam and reapply. The two wall areas around the tub were actually layered with plywood, you can see how it was layered in the next photo. Also, notice that vent fan….precarious. When we tore out the tub the whole wall covered by the tub surround was moldy…. We also cut away that piece of wall and replaced it. 

A combination of Alex, his dad and my dad re-drywalled where they cut the walls away. They also had to sister a joist where the previous owner had cut away at the one that sat right under the tub so that they could install the dreaded jetted tub. After I tiled the floors Alex cut underlayment that I then installed to be the base of our board and batten, since this would be much more difficult after the tub was installed.

We were then able to move the clawfoot tub inside! I picked up the tub at a thrift store for $100. I found it a few months after we moved into the house and it sat in our garage for over 2 years! But it was in such great condition when I found it and for that price I couldn’t pass it up. Below I’ll add a video about how I cleaned it of all the grime that sat on it for years! The whole tub was white and a little rusty on the outside when I purchased it, when I was ready to paint it I used painters tape a plastic sheeting to block off the whole top and inside of the tub, I spray painted the outside with Rustoleum black spray paint and I used a gold spray paint on the claw feet.

We wanted a reproduction of traditional clawfoot tub and shower hardware, we found that we could get the best quality hardware at the best price from Signature Hardware and we were so happy with our choice.


Here’s how our clawfoot tub and shower looked after we totally finished the bathroom! We were so happy with the way it all turned out, purchasing that $100 clawfoot tub with the dream of renovating our bathroom was the best decision ever.

Our goal was to bring modern comforts and style while maintaining the historic charm and I think we definitely achieved that goal.




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